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Career Services

Resume Resources

A résumé is a self-marketing tool designed to get a job interview. Like any marketing tool, it should target the market/employer you are reaching. It is an:

  • Application Tool — For jobs, research projects, and graduate school
  • Marketing Tool — To demonstrate experience and skills to clients or colleagues 
  • Living Document — Should be tailored to the audience and updated as needed 

In order to target the résumé effectively to employers, you need to spend time researching company expectations and industry norms for your document. It must speak to the employer’s needs– not your needs. Read the requirements of the job and use your resume to show how you meet those specific requirements; you may have many different resumes for different job types. 

How Our Office Can Help

  • Attend a résumé workshop or drop-in review event during the year, check the event calendar on Handshake for dates.
  • Make an individual virtual résumé review appointment through your Handshake account to select a convenient timeslot. 

Sample Résumés

These samples show format examples with general descriptions, be sure to make your descriptions specific to your experience (ie- how much, how often, what skills or products did you use, for who, what happened as a result?)

College of Aeronautics

Aviation Management                                Aviation Management w/ Flight

College Of Business

 Accounting                                                       Business Administration  
Healthcare Management-MS                Healthcare Management- Clinical-MS
Supply Chain- MS                                          Computer Information Systems                                    

College of Engineering & Science

Aerospace                                                        Aerospace - Freshman
Biomedical Engineering                          Chemical Engineering
Civil Engineering                                         Computer Science
Electrical Engineering                              Mechanical Engineering
Ocean Engineering                                    Software Engineering
Biological Science                                      Oceanography

College of Psychology & Liberal Arts

 General Psychology                                 Psychology- No experience                                  


 Experienced- HR

Military Experience: 

Military - Mechanical Eng Resume
Military - Supply Chain Resume
Military Resume Tips

Curriculum Vitae (CV)

 CV- PhD

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)

ATS is often used by employers when you submit a resume online. These software systems will scan and rank your resume based on your matching qualifications. To ensure that the system can read your resume correctly, keep these tips in mind:

  • Make sure to upload the correct file format asked by the system (.pdf is the best choice if it is allowed)
  • Use keywords that match the job description in your skills and experience section
  • Avoid using tables, graphics, text boxes, and header/footer space as ATS systems often do not read these areas
  • Use standard formatting and fonts (Times New Roman/Arial), as well as standard headers (such as "Experience")

ATS systems are becoming more advanced, so some standard formatting may no longer be necessary, but you should always research the employer's requirements and use standard ATS protocol if you are unsure.