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Career Services

Graduating Students And New Grads


Career Services provides a variety of service and resources designed to meet the professional career employment needs of graduating students. We encourage you to start thinking about your post-graduation plans at least 9 months prior to your graduation date. Please see the steps outlined below to help you prepare for your professional life after graduation.

Update Your Handshake Profile

Make sure your profile is updated on Handshake, and that you have a current résumé uploaded and ready to be used for job applications or to be viewed by potential employers.  Check Handshake on a regular basis, at least once a week, to review new opportunities and check on upcoming career events.

Conduct Career & Job Research

Start researching companies and agencies well in advance of graduation to help target your job search and to develop a plan of action for your job search. Utilize resources such as CareerShift or GoinGlobal (located in the Resources section of Handshake) to see who is hiring and when applications need to be submitted. Many employers start recruiting May graduates as early as September or October of the previous year. Don’t wait until the month before graduation to start your job search!

Prepare For Your Job Search

Make sure your résumé is in top shape and ready to impress employers. Take advantage of résumé reviews and workshops offered by Career Services or make an appointment in Handshake for personalized assistance. Check out our Career Resource Center for detailed information on how to prepare for your job search.

Attend Career Events

Career Services hosts two major career expos each year where employers are available to meet with students directly to accept résumés for full-time positions and often, to interview on campus after the career expo.  Our career expos are held during the Fall and Spring semesters.

Attend employer information sessions to learn more about career opportunities and to network with employer representatives.

Find Events

Interested in Graduate School?

A recent post graduate survey shows that 36% of Florida Tech graduates chose to attend graduate or professional schools, enrolling in over 75 institutions around the country and the world. If you are interested in pursuing graduate or professional school studies, we encourage you to start your preparation early!

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