Student Employment

On-Campus Student Employment is a team effort by Human Resources, Career Services, and International Student and Scholar Services. This page has been designed to help students learn more about the different types of employment and job opportunities available on campus, and the policies and procedures that govern them.

Types of On-Campus Employment


Many students wish to gain additional experience by working in on campus departments by volunteering. Many students view it as an opportunity to gain transferable skills and experience to build their résumés .

Students are allowed to volunteer on campus, but they must submit a volunteer services form to Human Resources. Once completed, you will be able to begin assisting on a volunteer basis.

If a paid position opens up where you are volunteering, you are eligible to apply, but must go through the same application process as all other students. If you are selected to be hired for a paid position, you cannot be paid for hours that were logged as a volunteer. Please contact the Human Resources department if you have any further questions.