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Career Services

Host A Panther Externship Program

We invite you to host a Florida Tech student at your local facility. This is an opportunity for you to brand your organization at one of the nation’s top technological institutes and identify ideal talent for your internship or professional positions.  It is an opportunity for students to explore specific career fields and industries while networking with local professionals. There are no costs to participate (for employer hosts or students).

What is an Externship?

  • Externship = Job Shadowing
  • Short term job shadowing program
  • Duration: 1 day to 5 days

Who is eligible?

  • Any employer who wishes to participate and would find benefit from providing college students with real-world work experience.
  • The Externship Program is open to all undergraduate and graduate students attending Florida Tech (freshmen with little or no work experience that are eager to explore various career fields, to upper classmen with a wealth of practice).

program Dates

  • Spring Break Program: March 9-13, 2020

Spring Break Schedule

  • February 7: Deadline for employers to submit "Host a Panther" online registration
  • February 14: Deadline for students to submit online registration
  • February 21: Students matched to employers
  • February 28: Deadline for matched students to contact employer host to discuss and clarify details of the externship
  • March 9-13: Spring Break Externship Program

Program Structure

We encourage you to structure a job shadowing experience based on your company, industry and profession. You should create an externship experience that would give students a good overview of the profession and/or industry. This may be accomplished by having students:

  • Perform actual tasks
  • Attend staff meetings
  • Shadow staff members
  • Interview key departmental staff
  • Observe client/stakeholder interactions
  • Experience employee demonstration of industry-specific software or tools
  • Tour worksites


Florida Tech Career Services 


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