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Career Services

Internships & Cooperative Education


Florida Tech Career Services assists employers in finding eligible students for Internship and Cooperative Education (Co-op) opportunities. Internships and Co-op positions provide students with the opportunity to gain major-related work experience that prepares them for full-time professional employment. Participating in Florida Tech's Internship and Co-op program provides employers with low cost, motivated personnel for temporary assignments and gives them the opportunity to try out prospective professional employees. We strive to be flexible in our Internship and Co-op program to best meet the needs of both the student and the employer.


An Internship is basically any major-related work experience. It can be full-time or part-time, and may or may not be for academic credit. Internships can occur at any time in the academic year, but many students prefer to work in the summer.

Some academic departments require that students complete an Internship or provide an Internship course that students must register for. These academic Internships typically require carefully monitored supervision by the employer, and the student will be required to complete a term paper and presentation at the end of their experience. Please contact Career Services about formal academic internships and we will refer you to the appropriate academic department.

Students in other academic departments can register for Co-op credit for their Internship experience if they desire or need to register for an academic course in order to participate in an Internship. Students must meet eligibility requirements set forth by both the university and the employer in order to register for Co-op credit.

Employers interested in hiring interns from Florida Tech can post their internship listing online by going to Handshake, set up on-campus interviews, and are encouraged to attend our bi-annual Career Expos.

Please contact Career Services if you have any questions about hiring Florida Tech interns at 321-674-7575 or email Kimberly Ryan, Associate Director,

Unpaid internships are only posted to our campus for non-profit and government agencies.

Cooperative Education

The Co-op program at Florida Tech is structured in a flexible way to meet the diverse needs of students and employers. Students who need or desire credit for an Internship are encouraged to register for Co-op credit, although we can accommodate structured multi-term work arrangements that are typical of co-op programs.

The full-time Co-op program accommodates a full-time work schedule of 40 hours per week and undergraduate students receive 3 hours of academic credit. Students can either alternate full-time periods of work with full-time periods of study; work two semesters back-to-back; work two or more summer semesters, or work for one semester. Employers can specify the type of work schedule that best meets their needs. 

In order to participate in the Florida Tech Co-op program, employers are required to provide an offer letter to the student. It is expected that the employer will provide meaningful and increasingly responsible work assignments related to the student's major field of study, provide adequate professional supervision, and provide a written evaluation at the end of the work period to Career Services.

Please contact Career Services if you have any questions about hiring Florida Tech Co-ops, at 321-674-7179 or email Kaylen Kyle at

Hiring International Students

International students on F-1 visas may be eligible to work full-time or part-time off campus in positions that are directly related to their major and for which they will receive academic credit. Students must be approved by the University to participate in a Co-op or Internship, and international students will receive work authorization through Curricular Practical Training (CPT) from International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS). Employers will typically need to provide a written job offer and may need to fill out other forms depending on the nature of the Co-op or Internship. The student must not begin working before they receive proper work authorization and can only work during the time that is specified on their authorization form. Students must also begin their work experience at the begining of the academic semester.  Employers who wish to hire an international student for an Internship or Co-op need to plan well in advance of the hiring date to ensure all paperwork is completed in time for the student to begin working at the appropriate time.

Questions about work authorization status should be directed to ISSS at 321-674-8053 or email