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Career Services

On Campus Interviews

On-Campus Recruiting

You don't have to wait for one of our career fairs to recruit our talented students! The on-campus recruiting program gives employers the opportunity to interview Florida Tech students on-campus in our private interviewing rooms any time during the year that is convenient for you. Employers should reserve their recruiting date at least three weeks in advance by contacting Career Services. We will confirm your date and assist you in setting up your recruiting schedule in. Last minute reservations are accepted, provided we have space available, although it may be more difficult to find qualified candidates.

All interview schedules conducted within Career Services must begin no earlier than 8:30 a.m. and end no later than 4:30 p.m. A typical interview schedule begins at 8:30 a.m. with 30 minute appointments; two 15 minute breaks; and one hour for lunch. We can accommodate different schedules such as 45 minute interview slots, provided we have advance notice.

Types of Interview Schedules

Pre-Select Schedules:

Employers can set up pre-select interview schedules by posting a job in Handshake. Students can submit their résumé on Handshake and you can select the candidates that best fit your requirements.  Career Services can also contact students directly to advertise your schedule and encourage them to submit their résumé for your interview schedule.   We encourage employers to make selections at least five days in advance to give students the opportunity to sign up for available interview spots.

If you are not interested in using Handshake to organize your recruiting visit, Career Services will assist you with advertising your job posting and reserving an interview room, while you contact students directly for interview appointments.

Combination Schedules:

Employers who have pre-screened résumés and find that there are still openings on their schedule may want to consider a combination schedule. A combination schedule can include students who have been pre-selected and students who perhaps did not have their résumé submitted in time for pre-selection, but who meet the screening criteria and who are interested in the employer. A combination schedule is also an option for employers who will consider interviewing interested and motivated students who perhaps did not meet the initial screening criteria. The students who are not pre-selected will sign up on a first come, first serve basis.

Open Schedules:

Open schedules allow students to sign up on a first come, first serve basis, based on requirements such as major, degree, graduation date, GPA, and work authorization status. We will publicize open schedules extensively through email announcements sent to our registered students and academic departments.

Information Sessions

Many employers find that an information session held prior to interviews can be helpful to give a more extensive overview of the company than is feasible during a 30-minute interview, and to help students become more familiar with the organization and the positions that they are interviewing for. Career Services can make the arrangements for the room reservation, food, and A/V equipment, provided we have advance notice of the presentation. Catering is provided through the University's catering services department and employers will be billed directly by them. There is no charge for A/V equipment that is available on campus, although there may be a charge for a technician to set up equipment in certain buildings.

Publicizing Your Visit

Career Services advertises on-campus interviews on Handshakethrough email notices to students who are registered with our office, and to academic departments. Feel free to send us your own customized flyers or posters for posting. Advertising in the campus newspaper is another option and can be arranged by e-mailing the The Crimson directly. Links to other student organizations on campus can be found on the Campus Life website, or you can call the Student Activities Office at 321-674-8134 to get contact information for various student organizations.

Getting to know faculty members at Florida Tech is an excellent way to publicize your organizations upcoming visit because they have very close contact with the students. We would be happy to set up meetings or lunch arrangements with faculty as part of your recruiting visit. Feel free to contact faculty directly in advance of your visit either by e-mail or by phone. Department information and listings can be found either on the Academic and Research web site or in the campus telephone directory.

General Information

All on-campus interviews take place in Career Services, which is located in Room 307 of the Harris Commons building located at 3011 S. Babcock Street, Melbourne, FL  (please see the campus map for the location of the Harris Commons building).

The office opens at 8:00 a.m. and employers can check in at that time. Parking is available in the visitors section in front of the building.  If no parking is available in the visitors section, parking is allowed in the main parking area of the parking lot. Visitors' parking passes are available from the receptionist on the first floor of the Harris Commons building.

Lunch is usually on your own unless arrangements are made in advance with either faculty members or with a member of the Career Services staff. The campus is fairly close to many local restaurants and Panther Dining Hall is located conveniently across the street. 

For more information about traveling to Florida Tech, please see information about visiting Florida Tech and the Melbourne area.

If you have any additional questions regarding your on-campus interviewing visit, please feel free to contact us at 321-674-8102 or