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Career Services

Faculty And Staff Resources

Partnering with Career Services

Faculty are encouraged to connect with our office by:

  • Meeting Employers & Industry Contacts
  • Attending workshops and other events
  • Requesting Handouts

Faculty looking to Hire Students

Faculty members who are looking to hire students in Federal Work Study are encouraged to contact our office. Our staff can assist you in requesting positions and the hiring process.  Federal Work Study positions are paid by the Office of Financial Aid, so only eligible students can fill these roles and you must follow federal regulations to hire in this program. 

If you have any questions about hiring students in College-Roll or through another program, please contact the Human Resources department. These positions are paid by your department budget and follow university policies.  

Our Programs

In addition to connecting students and employers, our office also manages several programs. The links below will provide you with more information about our programs.

  • Seniors & New Grads
    Career Services offers a variety of resources designed to assist graduating students in finding professional career employment.
  • Internships & Co-op
    Getting major-related experience can be a great way to apply what students have learned in the classroom and can help clarify career goals. On the other hand, Co-op is designed to provide qualified students excellent, practical professional preparation in their chosen field of study through a series of engaging work experiences.
  • Student Employment
    There are three types of employment for students on campus: College Roll, Federal Work-Study and Graduate Student Assistantships.