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Federal Work Study Forms & Documents

Supervisor Forms & Tools:

Supervisor Procedures Manual 2019-2020

Supervisor FAQs

FWS Supervisor Guidelines

Movement Form

The Movement Form is to be used as formal notice of employee transferring positions or unforeseen termination. Once the form is processed, the student's position will be ended and their timesheet will be deactivated. If an employee leaves the University or stops showing up for work & does not acknowledge supervisor outreach, a Movement Form is needed to end their position. Note: if you wish to terminate a student employee due to behavioral or performance issues, you must first file a notice with HR. 

FWS Earnings Tracking Sheet

This Excel sheet is formulated to help you keep track of a student's FWS award. Enter their award total and hourly rate, and update the sheet every time they work to avoid award overages.

How to Setup a Timesheet-Approver Proxy (video)

If you would like to give permission to another staff/faculty member to view and approve employee timesheets, you'll need to manually do it via PAWS. Watch the short instructional video for help.

Timesheet Instructions 

Student employees submit their time the same way all University staff does. The supervisor is responsible for ensuring that the student knows how and when to submit their time in accordance to University Policy and Federal Law.

Student Employee Information:

FWS Student Employee Manual 2019-2020

Frequently Asked Questions for FWS Employees 

Mandatory Employment Documents:

 I-9 Form

-List of Acceptable IDs & Documents for I-9

W4 Form

Direct Deposit Form 

-These must be physically turned in to the Career Services office.  

-Be sure to bring your two forms of IDs! Look at the "List of Acceptable IDs" for guidance. You'll need either 1 thing from "List A" OR 1 thing from "List B" AND 1 thing from "List C." **Documents must be original and unexpired. We do not accept copies or expired IDs.

-Typical item from "List A": a valid passport; if you have an unexpired passport, that is all you need.

-Typical items from "List B": driver's license, student ID card, military ID/military dependent ID, state-issued ID

-Typical items from "List C": Social Security card (signed), birth certificate (certified copy is ok)

Missing an important document? If you're 18+, you can acquire certified copies of vital records, even if you're far away from home. Read more about the process here.

Time Entry & Tracking Tools:

FWS Earnings Tracking Sheet

  -This Excel sheet is formulated to help you keep track of your earnings and ensure you     don't exceed your award amount. Enter your award amount and hourly rate and update     the form after every shift.

(video) How to Submit Your Electronic Timesheet

Timesheet Instructions (PDF)

  -How to submit your electronic timesheet.