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ProTrack Co-Op

What Is ProTrack Co-Op?

Cooperative Education, or co-op, is the integration of classroom theory with applied learning in appropriate fields of business, engineering, science, technology, education, and other professions.  Florida Tech students can obtain valuable major-related work experience and receive undergraduate academic credit through the co-op program .  Co-op at Florida Tech is an optional program for qualified main campus students and is available for every major, with appropriate departmental approvals.  Getting major-related work experience can be a great way for students to apply what they have learned in the classroom and can help clarify career goals.  In addition, students gain a competitive edge in their full-time job search because they have the skills and relevant experience that employers are seeking.  

Connecting Florida Tech students with high-tech employers, ProTrack is Florida Tech's innovative and flexible cooperative education program.

ProTrack combines a traditional university education with a one-of-a-kind, student-centered cooperative education program.  Our program structure allows both U.S. citizens and international students to complete several semester-long paid work experiences related to their major and career interests while still earning their undergraduate or graduate degree in an appropriate amount of time.  Co-op is available every semester, for multiple semesters, not just in the summer or as a one-time experience.

Co-op students are also eligible for the FastTrack program, which allows them to earn a Master’s degree in just five years. For more information, read here: Finish in Five.

ProTrack Co-Op Students Graduate On-Time And Ahead Of The Curve!  Jump Start Your High Tech Future Today!

Current StudentsCurrent Students

Students at Florida Tech have the opportunity to gain valuable undergraduate major-related work experience for academic credit. Options include working a Spring, Summer or Fall semester, working two semesters back-to-back, or working part-time while attending classes full time. 

Prospective StudentsProspective Students

ProTrack Co-op is designed to provide engineering students opportunities to apply the skills and theories taught in academic courses to their chosen field of study through a series of engaging work experiences.


By partnering with Florida Tech to employ talented students in appropriate co-op positions, your company can lower its costs of recruitment, training, labor and employee retention. You'll also benefit from the wellspring of enthusiasm, talent and hard work our students offer.

Faculty & StaffFaculty and Staff

Florida Tech students of any major have several options to get credit for major-related work experiences. Options include working a Spring, Summer or Fall semester, working two semesters back-to-back, or working part-time while attending classes full time.