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Establishing a Florida Tech ProTrack Partnership

Once the decision has been made to begin a ProTrack Co-op partnership, a number of steps are recommended to ensure your program’s success:

  • A job description should be created for each co-op employment session, and each co-op session should be progressively more complex for returning students. The main purposes for co-op job descriptions are to develop guidelines, avoid incorrect assumptions, and encourage productivity.
  • Special care should be devoted to setting salaries for co-op students. The first session salary should be as high as possible to attract quality applicants; however, leave room to increase wages commensurate with job description and responsibilities developed for subsequent co-op employment periods. While determining salaries, employers should remember co-op graduates nationwide historically begin at a higher salary than non-experienced graduates.
  • Select and develop skilled work supervisors. These people are critical and essential components of a successful co-op partnership. A co-op student should receive guidance and feedback at regular intervals to ensure that the individual is working to the employer’s expectations.
  • Handle fringe benefits in the same manner as for other temporary full-time employees. Determine policies for paid holidays, accrued seniority during co-op sessions, travel expenses, and relocation and short term housing assistance.
  • Work closely with the Co-op Advisor.  Besides being your campus contact, it is customary for the Advisor to visit you periodically to discuss student performance, developing and maintaining quality co-op opportunities, and other pertinent co-op matters.