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Hiring a Florida Tech Co-op Student

This information covers employers’ frequently asked questions and describes the average timeline needed to on-board a co-op employee.  We take care to make this a seamless process for employers, but every student is unique and there can be unexpected delays. Please contact the Co-op Advisor with any questions you may have.

Offer of Employment

ProTrack Co-op students presented with an offer of employment must receive an official offer letter each semester they are working. Once the offer letter is obtained, contact the Co-Op Advisor to begin enrollment procedures.

International students will need to apply for CPT.  They may not begin to work off campus before receiving CPT authorization and completing the registration process with the University.

Once the student has all the necessary signatures, they return to the Co-Op Advisor to be properly registered with the University. A course syllabus is used to inform the students about the course requirements. 

Co-op Credits and Registration Deadlines

Undergraduate students are awarded 1-3 credits based on the total number of hours worked each week (based on the offer letter).  There is no credit awarded for graduate students.  The University cannot award credit retroactively, nor can we enroll students after the deadlines set by the Office of the Registrar. 


Co-Op at Florida Tech is tied to academic semesters:

  • Fall (16 weeks, early August through early December)
  • Spring (16 weeks, mid-January through end of April)
  • Summer (11 weeks, mid-May through end of July) 

Students are allowed to work full time or part time any semester, for a single semester, or back-to-back semesters. Students maintain their full-time student status in Fall and Spring by working full-time.  Students can continue to work for local companies part-time (under 20 hours) throughout the school year when their schedules permit.


The student must submit all assignments to the Co-Op Advisor.  Those are then sent to the Academic Advisor of record, who recommends a Pass/Fail grade.  We request that both students and employers meet all University established deadlines as the student’s grade issuance is gated by their timely submission of all assignments.

Work Place Issues

Occasionally, there may be an issue between an employer and a student.  Both parties are encouraged to work through any difficulties as soon as they arise.  Career Management Services should be notified of any issues that arise as soon as possible.  The Co-op Advisor can be reached at (321) 674-8102 or