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Future Professionals

Throughout the year, students who are ready to prepare for the "real world" attend various networking, career education and elective events through the Future Professionals Certificate Program. By attending a certain number of events, like mock interviews, alumni career panels, résumé critiques and community service experiences, students not only earn a certificate sure to impress future employers but also develop soft skills that make them both more hirable and successful after graduation. 

Program Requirements:

  • Attend six events as follows:
    1. Networking Event;
    2. Career Education Events;
    3. Elective Events.
  • Registration and proof of attendance through Engage. 


Cultural Competency Certified - Florida Tech

Cultural Competency

The Certificate of Cultural Competency is a free, non-credit program that certifies undergraduate students are prepared for the global workforce through the development and cultivation of knowledge and awareness about diverse cultures and groups of people. Through the program, students participate in experiential activities, academic courses and workshops, and other integrative experiences that incorporate diversity, inclusivity and international cultures.

The Cultural Competency Certificate is noted on the student’s transcript and is a desirable credential to highlight on resumes and CVs.

Program Requirements:

  • Certification requires a total of 8 points:
    • First-Year Experience is 1 point.
    • The Foundations workshop is 1 point. 4 points are elective. 
    • The Capstone is required and earns the final 2 points toward the certificate.
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