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Industry Advisory Board

The chemical engineering Industry Advisory Board has been operational for many years. It consists of chemical engineering professionals representing primarily the local industry as well as other academic institutions and research centers. Many board members have been or currently are employers, research supervisors of our graduates, and/or active members of AIChE or other professional or community service organizations; some are also alumni of our program. The Advisory Board meets annually to discuss various issues such as program, student, and faculty highlights and accomplishments; enrollment trends and measures required; ABET and SACS assessment updates; program educational objectives review; bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral program updates and curriculum upgrades; senior plant design reports and presentations and external assessment; research, internship, and scholarship opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students.

2021–2022 Academic Year Advisory Board

  • Dr. Ali T-Raissi, Chair - GenH2 Inc.
  • Mr. Al Nuttall, COES Advisory Board Liaison - Past President and CEO, Far Research, Inc.
  • Dr. Paul Yelvington, Past Chair - AIChE RAPID Process Intensification Institute
  • Mr. Costas Pappas, Past Chair - CSP Consultants
  • Dr. Dwight Back – Medical Device Pros, LLC
  • Ms. Michele Gardill - Medical Device Pros, LLC
  • Ms. Laura Gaydusek - Lockheed Martin 
  • Mr. Theodore Hartselle - Eastern Florida State College
  • Dr. Justin Hill - Mainstream Engineering
  • Dr. Pawel Kazanowski - Hydro
  • Mr. Dennis Lobmeyer - QinetiQ North America
  • Ms. Roberta R. Nolan-Lobmeyer - Rockwell Collins, Inc
  • Mr. Spyros Nomikos - FOS LED Lighting Solutions
  • Mr. Nicholas Schwartz - Mainstream Engineering
  • Ms. Natalie Weathers - Northrop Grumman
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