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Office of Compliance & Risk Management

University Driving

Prospective drivers of university vehicles must be approved by the Office of Compliance and Risk Management. The Office of Compliance and Risk Management can provide advice and guidelines on different vehicle uses including rental car use, van rental, and golf cart use. In order for an individual to be eligible to drive a university owned, leased, rented or borrowed vehicle, the individual must comply with all of the following criteria:

  1. Have a valid United States driver’s license.
  2. Be at least 18 years of age to drive a University owned or rented/leased vehicle.
  3. Submit a completed MVR Florida Tech Consent Form and the Florida Tech MVR Spreadsheet Template to the Office of Compliance and Risk Management authorizing the University to check the driver’s MVR, along with a copy of the U.S. valid driver’s license. These forms must be submitted two weeks prior to use of a University vehicle.
  4. Complete the University Motor Vehicle Drivers Training Course.

The Office of Compliance and Risk Management will determine if the individual is eligible and has met the requirements of the policy. Please note that it may take up to 10 business days for driving privileges to be granted. Your supervisor will be notified of your eligibility to drive university vehicles. MVR’s once approved are valid for one year from date of approval and must be renewed on a yearly basis. Please submit renewals at least one week prior to expiration.

The University may at any time review a driver’s Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) to determine if the driver meets the requirements of this policy. The Office of Compliance and Risk Management reserves the right to rescind the university driving privileges for any driver.  Please see the University Driving Policy for additional information.

Faculty, staff and students are insured by the University’s policy while operating university owned, or university rented vehicles.