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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Florida Tech Consulting unique in its approach to offer consulting services?

Florida Tech Consulting has a plethora of resources-both inside the university and with our corporate partners-to assist organizations. These resources include expertise in all key business and technical functions and over 125 state-of-the-art laboratories, giving clients an opportunity to avail themselves of expertise rarely offered by a single consulting firm.

What strengths and qualifications do your consultants offer?

Determination to do the job right, professional expertise in their field and high levels of integrity.

How can an organization know it's time to seek the professional advice of a consultant?

An organization should seek professional expertise when it is experiencing problems or considering new projects requiring expertise not available in the firm. Since this generally happens sporadically, it is usually not worthwhile to hire permanent employees. Instead, it has proven to be advantageous to utilize consultants with the recognized experience and industry knowledge to assist with these occurrences.

Are there warning signs that an organization needs an outside opinion?

Warning signs are any types of problems that appear. It is also advantageous for an organization to have an external analysis of its processes at least every five years. The value added for this type of analysis is always significant.

What do you see as today's business challenges?

The single greatest challenge is managing today's technology to gain more synergy in organizations. This will require that people both learn and use new technologies at a much higher rate than we have seen in the past. This is why education is paramount to an individual's success. Managing change with today's new technologies requires constant communication between departments, thus optimizing opportunities for greater success.

Do you perform work outside of Brevard County?

Yes, Florida Tech Consulting is international in scope.

Is there one Florida Tech Consulting project that showcases all your capabilities?

There is such a wide variety that it would be difficult to showcase a single project. We have performed marketing studies, materials testing, airport planning and complete business evaluations. From developing master plans for airports to plastics, we do it well.

What is the value of my firm/company hiring Florida Tech Consulting?

Florida Tech Consulting's ability to analyze actual needs and provide the resources necessary to meet those needs.

Does technology play a role in how your consultants assist their clients?

Absolutely. This is why we can handle both national and international clients. Our consultants can communicate efficiently and analyze businesses without having to do the extensive traveling required in the past. Florida Tech is a world-class technological university-meaning that technology is an integral part of all of the areas within the university, our consultants and all supporting structures.