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Recent Projects

Algorithm Implementation – The goal of this project was to implement the Gauss-Newton Fix algorithm for a national company. 

Air Discharge Study - This project involves the comparison of the modeling of air discharges with satellite measurements and ground-based high speed video observations.

Airport Master Plan – This project involved preparation of a master plan update for an airport that will serve as a guide to airport development and operation in accordance with the needs and desires of the county.

Analysis and Design of Shock Tubes: This project involves the development of specially configured shock and blast tubes dedicated to modeling traumatic blast induced injury.

Aviation Research and Planning – This project involves evaluating aviation industry trends and their current and predicted impact on a regional aviation system.

Bivalve Mollusks Study – This project involves testing the efficacy of a specific chemical for use in controlling and eradicating invasive bivalve mollusks.

Breakwater Structure Study – This project involves conducting an independent assessment study and providing a report regarding the performance of three emergent, shore attached breakwater structures constructed in 2002.

Business Plan Evaluation – This project involves evaluating a company’s business plan and comparing it with the governing Statute to ensure compliance.

Certification of Performance Characteristics of Personal Watercraft – This project involved acquiring, interpreting, and certifying the results of a competition among several personal watercraft (PWC) of different makes and models.  The competition sought to determine the best PWC in terms of fuel consumption, acceleration and handling. 

Chemical Testing – This project involves performing four separate chemical tests including a mineral acid number test, cleanliness/flushing test, oil partition test, and water absorption test.

Curvilinear Gear Tooth Design – This project involved reviewing curvilinear gear heads to find out if a different design or another approach was needed. 

Cyclic Fatigue Test – The goal of this project was to conduct a fatigue test of a candidate gasket material in support of an engineering design effort.  Specimens were loaded in flatwise compression under load control using a recently upgraded hydraulic testing machine.  The servohydraulic testing machine is equipped with hydraulic wedge grips and is capable of quasistatic and fatigue loading in tension or compression up to a maximum load of 100kN (22 kip). 

Design Calculations of Selected Heat Exchangers in a Solar Powered AC System – This project involved heat exchanger sizing and system energy performance analysis of a solar-assisted and ground source residential air-conditioning and heat pumping system. 

Design Support for a Bird Evacuation System – This project involved eliminating the solenoids and compressor of a bird evacuation system and creating a device to replace the parts so it would work more efficiently.

Energy Savings – The project involved analyzing/verifying an energy savings rate for a refrigerator that utilizes an air conditioner style setup.

Fog Oil Vaporization Analysis for Battlefield Obscuration: This is an engineering analysis and computational fluid dynamics simulation of a new design of a fog oil vaporization system previously developed for battlefield obscuration. The objective is to achieve significantly smaller footprint, thermal signature, and heat and fuel requirements than the currently existing system, while meeting or exceeding its performance metrics. 

Graphical Schematic and Sampling Plan – This project consists of two tasks.  The first task is to create a graphical schematic of a county waste stream and create a sampling plan proposal to provide information to update the annual recycling report.  The second task is to implement the sampling plan and measure the composition of waste streams that have been identified. 

Heating System Modification - Provided modifications of a heating system for a recycled plastic melter.

Ichthyoplankton Survey – This project involves evaluating the potential cumulative effects of water withdrawals on the fish community of a river with regard to the effects on larval fishes (ichthyoplankton).

Lamination Study – The project involved a lamination study to determine the loss of color in printing samples due to exposure to varying humidity, temperature and light conditions utilizing an environmental testing chamber.

Linux Driver Support - Providing advice with design choices for applications using a Linux video driver, and providing special features in such drivers.

Linux Embedded System Support - This project aimed to better integrate Linux into networked booted embedded systems.

Marketing Survey – A consumer research project was developed for an international retailer.

Nanoscale Study – The objective of this project was to develop a software tool for calculation of percent cover in bacterial settlement experiments. 

Offshore Oil Drilling Site Analysis – Sediments from an offshore drilling site were analyzed to determine concentrations of potentially toxic heavy metals and thereby contribute to an assessment of possible environmental impacts.

Packaging Design – This project involved creating a packaging design for a new product the company is selling.

Parking Study – A team of consultants investigated, evaluated and priced parking hardware, software and related personnel costs for an airport’s analysis of parking structures. 

Particulate Identification – The goal of this project was to identify the source(s) of particulate contamination in an electronics manufacturing process via analysis with SEM/EDS, FTIR microscopy, and optical microscopy.

Pharmaceutical Study – Numerous faculty members of Florida Tech’s chemistry department performed detailed analysis and presented outcomes for a pharmaceutical study. The nature of the analysis was to synthesize and characterize benzoylate and acridinylate analogues of polamines. 

Soils Testing - Specialty soils tests were performed for a nationwide geotechnical engineering consultant to help them improve their foundation designs for a south Florida military construction project.

Start-up Company Graphic Design Package – This project involved developing a company logo, stationery, Web site and brochure for a start-up company. 

System Engineering Support - Provided analytical and advisory system engineering support in developing a holistic approach to a critical, complex, engineering developmental effort. 

Technology Due Diligence – Carried out the technology due diligence process for a potential investment in a high-tech Information Technology company.

Training Curriculum Development/Delivery – This project involved the development and delivery of a 2-day training program for managers and executives in effective communication and presentation skills.  It was completed for a large, international company. 

Vibration Testing – This project involves testing the vibration qualification of an aircraft firewall at elevated temperatures. 

Zooplankton Survey – This project involves a zooplankton survey to estimate the existing densities of fish, crustacean eggs and larvae, and the quantity of the stock that is subject to entrainment near the proposed site of a terminal.