Applied Behavior Analysis Programs

Applied Behavior Analysis Programs

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Course Start & End DateCreditsEarly RegistrationRegular RegistrationLate Registration
Winter 2018: October 1 – December 16   Aug 1 - Sep 1 Sep 2 - Sep 26 Sep 27 - Oct 4
Spring 2019: January 7 – March 24   Nov 1 - Dec 1 Dec 2 - Jan 2 Jan 3 - Jan 10
Summer 2019: April 8 – June 23   Feb 1 - March 1 March 2 - April 3 April 4 - April 11
Fall 2019: July 8 – September 22   May 1 - June 1 June 2 - July 3 July 4 - July 11
Winter 2019: October 7 – December 22   Aug 1 - September 1 September 2 - October 2 October 3 - October 10

BEHP5011 Go to course page.
Foundations, Concepts & Principles of Behavior Analysis




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Basic Elements of Applied Behavior Analysis




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Developing, Strengthening & Maintaining Behavior




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Introduction to Ethical and Professional Conduct of Behavior Analysts





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Decreasing, Eliminating and Replacing Problem Behavior

These courses run sequentially, not concurrently.  This means you can choose the same online meeting day, time and instructor for both courses if they are still available when you register. Register early to get the times that best fit your needs.





BEHP5017A Go to course page.

Targeted Topics in Behavior Analysis
BEHP5017 begins on the term start date and precedes BEHP5016B.





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Ethical and Professional Conduct of Behavior Analysts

These courses run sequentially, not concurrently.  This means you can choose the same online meeting day, time and instructor for both courses if they are still available when you register.  Register early to get the times that best fit your needs.





BEHP5018 Go to course page.

Advanced Topics in Behavior Analysis





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** To keep our registration fees low, these courses are offered as professional development continuing education courses. However, three additional options exist for students wishing to obtain graduate credit for these courses.

  • Graduate credit option 1: Courses may be taken for transferable graduate credit by paying the university’s current tuition rate at the time of registration.
  • Graduate credit option 2: For up to two years after the course completion date, students may convert courses taken for professional development to transferable graduate credit by following the directions sent them by the Student Services team and paying associated fees totaling $320.
  • Graduate credit option 3: These courses may be applied toward Florida Tech’s hybrid M.A. – Professional Behavior Analysis program at no additional charge; 5 credits of the ABA Online program may also be applied toward the extended studies campus in Orlando’s M.S. – ABA. However, you must apply and be offered admission to a graduate program in order to apply these courses toward a degree. No courses in the ABA Online program may be applied toward the Melbourne campus’s M.S. – ABA degree. For more information on the process for transferable master’s credit, call 1-321-674-8382, option 2.

Florida Tech’s ABA Online professional development certificate programs are not online master’s degree programs. However, click here for more information on our *hybrid Master of Arts - Professional Behavior Analysis program, which blends our ABA Online classes with courses at designated sites throughout the U.S. Although our ABA Online courses may be used toward the MA - Professional Behavior Analysis degree, taking courses in our ABA Online BACB-verified course sequence does not guarantee that you will be offered admission to this hybrid MA program.

The BEHP and BEH courses are identical (e.g., BEHP5011 = BEH5011). Thus, students may obtain course credit hours from our BACB-verifed course sequence either as (1) professional development nontransferable credit hours, or (2) transferrable graduate credit hours. All students in any one of our online courses, whether registered in that course under a BEHP- or a BEH- designation, are enrolled in the same course sections, complete the same work, and are graded exactly the same as all other students in that course, whether or not they are earning transferrable graduate credit. Moreover, course instructors and co-instructors cannot readily determine which students are registered under the BEHP- versus the BEH- course designation. The primary distinction between these two groups of students is that those who register for a BEHP- course are not required to apply for admission to our graduate school, while those who register for the same course, but under the BEH- designation, must apply for admission and be admitted to our graduate program.