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Great Decisions

The Lifelong Scholar Society has partnered with Foreign Policy Association Great Decisions; America's largest discussion program on world affairs. The program provides background information and policy options for the most critical issues facing America each year and serves as the focal text for discussion groups across the country.

Each Great Decisions discussion starts off with a viewing of a DVD from the Foreign Policy Association. Afterward, a discussion group will be facilitated by a Florida Tech professor or a community expert in the area of discussion.

Great Decisions is open to the public and free to attend.
Be part of a great decision and learn how to be a global voice in your own backyard.


Center for Aeronautics and Innovation
1050 W. NASA Blvd. Melbourne, Florida


Scheduled events start at 6 PM

Date, time and location is subject to change.

Upcoming Great Decisions

Popular Vote versus Electoral College
April 3

What if every vote counted in the U.S. Presidential election? Join the discussion on the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact. This initiative seeks to reform the Electoral College so that the electoral votes reflect the nationwide popular vote for president of the United States. Presented by Space Coast League of Women Voters.

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Nuclear Negotiations: Back to the Future?
May 1

Nuclear weapons have not gone away, and the Trump administration has brought a new urgency, if not a new approach, to dealing with them. The president has met with Vladimir Putin as the New Start Treaty with Russia comes up for renewal in 2021, the first presidential summit ever with Kim Jong-un occurred to discuss denuclearizing the Korean Peninsula and President Trump has decertified the Obama nuclear deal with Iran. To what degree should past nuclear talks guide future U.S. nuclear arms control negotiations? Can the art of the deal apply to stabilizing our nuclear future? Moderated by Dr. Dzmitry Yuran , assistant professor School of Arts and Communication.

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