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Lifelong Scholar Society

Thursday Night Lectures

How do you spend your Thursday nights? Stuck on the couch, watching the same old television show or surfing the web to find something new and interesting? Put down that remote and step away from the keyboard. The Lifelong Scholar Society is where you need to be!

The Thursday Night Lecture Series gives you the satisfaction of stimulating the brain without the worry of attending a college course. Every other Thursday evening, you will have the opportunity to interact with accomplished Florida Institute of Technology professors and local experts of their respective fields. Plus, you'll get to know fellow members and guests. 


Florida Tech’s Lifelong Scholar Society has moved online until it is deemed safe for us to meet in person again. We are using the online meeting website Zoom. It is super easy and you don’t have to be a computer whiz to join in the fun. You can participate via desktop, laptop, tablet, or simply listen on your phone.

Through the end of May, there will be no charge for this pilot "members only" online version of the Lifelong Scholar Society. Join in, enjoy the lecture, and see your Lifelong friends online.

6PM | Select Thursdays | Online
Currently for Members Only (Learn how to become a member)


Upcoming 2020 Lectures


April 9

A Space Tourist’s Perspective: Human Spaceflight Research and Commercial Space Transportation

Dr. Ondrej Doule
Chair, Flight Test Engineering, Florida Tech Assistant Professor, Head of the Human Spaceflight Laboratory




April 23

Economic Perspectives on Space Coast Tourism

Dr. Ondrej Doule
Professor of Economics, Nathan M. Bisk College of Business, Florida Tech