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Lifelong Scholar Society

Lifelong Scholar Society

Thursday Night Lectures

How do you spend your Thursday nights? Stuck on the couch, watching the same old television show or surfing the web to find something new and interesting? Put down that remote and step away from the keyboard. The Lifelong Scholar Society is where you need to be!

The Thursday Night Lecture Series gives you the satisfaction of stimulating the brain without the worry of attending a college course. Every other Thursday evening, you will have the opportunity to interact with accomplished Florida Institute of Technology professors and local experts of their respective fields. Plus, you'll get to know fellow members and guests. 

Florida Tech Research Park and the Center for Aeronautics and Innovation
1050 West NASA Boulevard
Melbourne, FL 32901

6PM | Select Thursdays

Guest admission: $20 | Members admission: $10

Click on the dates below to register and for complete event information.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

We look forward to seeing you there!

Upcoming Lectures


Animal Cognition at the Zoo
Oct 10, 2019



Dr. Proctor discusses the collaboration between Florida Tech and Brevard Zoo while highlighting the fascinating research being done with their animals. This includes lemurs using touchscreens, spider monkeys’ planning abilities and the recent renovation making Brevard Zoo a leader in studying animal cognition.


Presented by: Dr. Darby Proctor


Solar Wind Turbulence Near the Sun and the Parker Solar Probe
Oct 24, 2019



Launched from Kennedy Space Center in August, 2018, NASA's historic Parker Solar Probe (PSP) mission will revolutionize our understanding of the Sun. PSP will swoop closer to the Sun’s surface than any spacecraft before it, facing brutal heat and radiation conditions. The spacecraft will come as close as 3.83 million miles (and 6.16 million kilometers) to the sun, well within the orbit of Mercury and more than seven times closer than any spacecraft has come before. Dr. Perez will discuss his research on solar wind turbulence near the sun and the Parker Solar Probe mission work on the theoretical understanding of solar wind turbulence near the sun.


 Presented by: Dr. Jean Perez



Shining a Light on the Brain
Nov 14, 2019


One human brain has more neurons and interconnections than roads and intersections across all countries of the world combined. Therefore, mapping the human brain is no small feat, and scientists and engineers have come a long way in discovery through the development of numerous tools that aid in unraveling the mysteries of the brain’s network. One such tool is light, which offers unparalleled speed and remarkable precision in both location and timing. Dr. Nasri will discuss how researchers have been able to select specific neurons and render them responsive to light. This enabled the mapping of specific brain regions, which is key to understanding elusive diseases like Alzheimer’s, epilepsy and depression.


 Presented by: Dr. Nasri Nesnas




* You must be a member to attend events at the discounted membership rate; otherwise, you will be asked to pay for a membership or pay the remainder of the nonmember rate before you can attend events.
Contact us by email at or call (321) 674-8382.