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Click Count Reporting Information

Welcome to the click count reporting information page. The click count website is a tool that the University uses for reporting the usage of copiers or desktop printers in each department on and off campus. Click counts are the submittal of total amount of copies, prints, or fax confirmation pages produced on each unit.

If your department has recently acquired a new copier or desktop printer and you have been assigned to report click counts to the Copy Center, here are basic instructions on how to submit your counts. Please note that you must first have administrator approval through the Copy Center to have access to the click count web page.

There is a basic charge across campus for all use of black and white and color outputs (prints/copies). Please contact the Copy Center you have any questions regarding your charge.

The reporting process is fairly simple and the steps are detailed below.

1st step, Retrieving your click counts:

For stand alone copiers

Proceed to your copier and follow these menu options.

  1. Located on the side menu, locate a button called USER TOOLS/COUNTER
  2. Select counter on the main screen
  3. Print counter list

For Desktop Printers

Start at USER TOOLS (one of the buttons on your panel)

  1. Then scroll down to PRINT LIST/RPRT.
  3. Continue by pressing OK (located on panel)
  4. Then select YES on the screen

2nd step, Submitting:

The list will print out and now you will proceed to log on to report.

  1. Go online to 
  2. Enter your tracks user id and password.
  3. You should see an option for reporting under Enter Click Counts
  4. Select the printer in which you have been set-up to report. (If you have been set-up for multiple copiers you will need to report for each.)
  5. You want to provide under black and white the total amount. This amount number should be titled under your PAGE COUNTER as B&W Total. The same goes for color, enter the COLOUR TOTAL.
  6. Then submit or save.

That’s it. You are all done. If you find any problems in submitting, see any discrepancies, require changes to your account, or just have questions please do not hesitate to call the Copy Center we are here to help you.

Due Date for Reporting
Reports are due the 28th of each month. We recommend for more accurate reporting that you do not submit any earlier than the week of submission. Past the due date you will not be able to log on and report, a manual submission of the counts will be necessary. If this occurs proceed to email scan your copy and email it to please note what department your copier is from on the scan.