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Frequently Asked Questions

Updated April 20: Housing and Board Credit FAQs

When will the credits be applied to my balances and, if funds remain, returned to me?

The appropriate credits will be applied to the student account in June to show on your July 1, 2020, student invoice, with the code “COVID-19” so that it is trackable. Funds will be returned thereafter.

Who is eligible to receive credits for housing and meal plans?

All students who were living in campus-operated housing at the start of the Spring 2020 term are eligible for housing credits based on how many weeks since March 23 they were not utilizing campus housing. Students who enrolled in meal plans at the start of the Spring 2020 semester, regardless of where they lived, are eligible for meal plan credits starting March 23 and also based on how long they were not using their meal plan.

Where do I find the application form for these credits?

Please use this application form to receive credits.

What is the deadline for submitting my application?

The completed form should be submitted by the student no later than May 29, 2020.

Will I receive money back as part of this plan?

Housing and meal credits will primarily be used to offset housing and meal costs for Summer 2020 and Fall 2020 terms. If after student balances due are deducted from the credit and funds remain, those will be provided to the student. This scenario will be most common for students graduating in Spring 2020 or Summer 2020.

If I am returning to Florida Tech in the fall but decide to change my housing from on-campus to off-campus, am I still eligible for this credit?

If you have not submitted a 2020-21 Room and Board contract and intend to reside off campus and you did not return to campus for some or all of the remaining seven weeks of the Spring semester, you would be entitled to credit funds for room and meal plan. 

What if I am not returning to Florida Tech at all?

If you are not returning to Florida Tech, the credits for housing and meal plans will first be applied to any remaining balances on your student account.

Updated or Added April 6

With some students remaining in campus housing and some choosing to leave, is everyone staying in their current accommodations?

In response to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’s stay-at-home order and an effort to continue to safeguard the current Florida Tech students in accordance with the Federal Center for Disease Control, the Quad Hall residents will relocate to accommodations at Columbia Village beginning Monday, April 6th.  The Quad residents will be assigned to currently vacant apartments/beds in an effort to eliminate the share use of Quad residence hall facilities.  All Quad Residence Hall students will be notified via email with an assigned relocation date.

For students who are leaving campus, whether now or at the end of the semester, are there recommended services for moving and/or storage?

Yes!, a member of the Florida Tech alumni community, is ready to assist you with packing and shipping or storing your personal belongings that remain on campus. They offer a variety of move-out packages, some of which include live streaming of the move-out process for added security. Please contact them by clicking the link below to make your reservation.

Sorensen Moving & Storage can assist you with packing and storing your personal items that remain on campus.  They offer two options available for local packing and storage. Contact Sorensen directly to make your reservation.

What about unused FlexCredits at the end of the Spring 2020 semester?

Any FlexCredit remaining when the Spring 2020 semester ends will be credited toward a new meal plan for the Summer or Fall 2020 semesters.  This will allow returning, registered students credit for their future meal plan choice.  For example, a student with a remaining balance of $250 of FlexCredit at the end of the Spring 2020 semester will be credited $250 toward their meal plan selection for Summer or Fall 2020 semester.  If the student chooses plan U2 costing $1,775 for Fall 2020 and had a balance of $250 the student will only be billed $1,525 for the U2 Plan.

If you have questions, please call 321-674-8076 or email

Updated or Added March 30

Will flight training continue?

In accordance with recommendations from the Florida Department of Education and the governor's office, flight training is looking forward to a restart date of April 15. This date remains subject to change.

Will campus dining services remain open?

Yes. However, in order to focus our resources on serving the university community, Panther Dining Hall is closed to outside guests from the public for the time being.

All campus dining locations have transitioned to a take-out only format until further notice.

Take-out service is available at all locations for every meal. This includes Panther Dining Hall.

Are summer study abroad programs still happening?

The Netherlands program has been cancelled. Final decisions regarding the other programs are pending. The health and safety of our students is our top priority.

Is the bookstore open?

The campus bookstore is temporarily closed with plans to reopen on Monday, April 6. The bookstore continues to take online orders for delivery with free shipping at

Can I return my cap and gown if I decide not to walk in the graduation procession?

Yes.  If the cap and gown was purchased in Spring 2020, you may return the items and request a refund at the Florida Tech Bookstore. To do so, contact for instructions. If the Spring 2020 cap and gown was purchased online from Oak Hall, you may return it to Oak Hall with a refund request. Please make sure the cap and gown is still in the sealed, unopened package.

Updated or Added March 19

What happens if I am a student worker?

College Roll employees will be paid for hours worked. These positions may be eligible to work remotely at the discretion of their supervisor.

Federal Work Study students who are unable to report to work due to COVID-19 campus changes may still enter their regularly scheduled hours and be paid. Speak with your supervisor for further details.

Updated or Added March 18

Updated or Added March 17 or Before

I have a scheduled advising appointment with my First- and Second-Year Experience advisor. How will I get advised?

You will have your advising appointment over the phone or via email. You should have received an email from your advisor on Monday, March 16 regarding next steps.

Are the professors going to have office hours?

Professors will offer virtual office hours. Contact your professor if you have questions.

What about internet bandwidth—for students as well as faculty?

On-campus bandwidth will be sufficient to instruct courses online. Students and faculty working from home should take steps to ensure that their connections are functioning properly.

What about housing refunds/credits?

Residence halls remain open. Housing refunds or credits are not planned.

How can I return books I have rented through Florida Tech?

Students may return rented books through the mail. This link will give you access to a shipping label that can be used for book returns. There is only one label available per order, so if you are returning multiple books they should be included in the same box. Please include your order ID number and email address.

Can someone else return my textbooks for me? 

Yes.  Please be sure that owner’s name, phone number and email address are included with the return.

Why did you shut down face-to-face classes for the rest of the term rather than just two weeks like other colleges and universities have announced?

This decision was made so that students could better plan and preserve continuity through the conclusion of the semester. The university wants to minimize uncertainty for students and their parents as much as possible.

Will Evans Library remain open for students who wish to study?


Will on-campus tutoring help be offered through the end of the semester?

The majority of the tutoring support will be moved online, but for students who remain on campus tutoring for math (MAC) and chemistry (CEC) will remain open although at limited capacity and with access restrictions to provide sufficient separation at the center. We are exploring the establishment of pre-schedule appointments for on-campus tutoring help in order to limit and coordinate physical access to the centers. Detailed procedures on how to utilize the on-campus support for MAC and CEC will be made available by Friday, March 20.

Will there be academic support/tutoring online?

All academic support service provided by COES and the Academic Support Center will be available online. Graduate students and faculty will be making that support available by the end of the week. The Academic Support Center is also ready for remote tutoring. All tutors have downloaded Microsoft Team to their laptops and they can remotely help students.

Will residence halls remain open?


May items be left in residence hall rooms until the end of the semester?

Yes. The Spring 2020 semester ends Friday, May 8.

Do students have to move completely out of the residence halls? If so, by when?

No. The halls will remain open. The residence halls will close May 10 at noon.

Is there any possibility of assistance in shipping books or computers home?

The university is exploring this.

Are there additional safety measures in public places for those staying on campus? For example, will the dining hall take additional measures to prevent possible spread of coronavirus? Are there heightened efforts to disinfect in common areas?

Yes. Enhanced efforts to frequently sanitize all public areas and surfaces, as well as modifications to food service delivery, are already in place and underway.

Will tuition refunds be given?

No. Classes are being held. While the delivery method of instruction has changed, instruction is being delivered.

What about students who have a job on campus? Do they report to work? Do they still get paid?

GSA/TA students will retain their contracts although they will not be required to return to campus. They will be tasked by their direct supervisors to support online courses and activities or research, as needed. In some cases, for students who remained on campus, tasks may be assigned in support of on-campus activities, but only when proper safety measures can be assured. Students should contact their direct supervisors by Friday, March 20 to obtain further instructions.

What about sporting events?

Florida Tech Athletics has suspended all athletic activities indefinitely, effective immediately.

How exactly will students self-quarantine? In their dorms or will they be moved to a separate space?  How will they get food? Will they have computer access, television, water, etc.? What medical services will be provided?

If needed, separate residence hall space will be provided for students who must self-quarantine. Yes, they will have food delivery service, computer service, etc. Health services are offered through the Holzer Health Center.

How do we register to let Florida Tech know if our students are at home or still on campus?

Students making changes to their on-campus living arrangements should contact the Housing office.

How will Florida Tech monitor the health of students who remain on campus?

The Holzer Health Center remains open for any student in need of assistance.

Does the school offer shuttles to airports in the region?

No. Transportation to Buehler Center at Orlando Melbourne International Airport for flight students will continue, however.

Will university student support offices remain open?


Are there plans to allow classes that could not be completed online to take place over the summer instead?

All efforts are being made to complete all courses (including laboratory courses) online. However, there are provisions to support the completion of courses during the summer, if necessary.

How will lab classes be delivered?

There are several solutions to be implemented to support laboratory classes, depending on the type of laboratory. At this point, we are finalizing the plans to convert all laboratory courses online, including student capstone design projects. Additional details on specific laboratory requirements will be provided by the professors by Friday, March 20.

If a student has testing or other 504 accommodations, how will those be handled?

The Academic Support Center will be open and handling all 504 accommodations as before. Please make an appointment via the ASC website.