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Football Elimination Questions and Answers

Why is this being done?

The unprecedented uncertainty created by the COVID-19 pandemic has forced the university to make difficult personnel and programmatic decisions. Eliminating the expense of the football program is a necessary step to ensure that Florida Tech can continue meeting its core educational mission.

How did Florida Tech choose to eliminate football?

A number of factors, based primarily on financial concerns, were carefully considered before the final decision was made.

How did Florida Tech alert the affected student-athletes to these changes?

As COVID-19 social distancing guidelines don’t allow for a team meeting, an email message was sent from the athletic director followed by coaches’ meetings with players over teleconference.

How many student-athletes are affected?

Approximately 120 student-athletes are affected.

Will student-athlete scholarships be honored?

All scholarship-eligible student-athletes affected by this reduction will have their athletic scholarships honored for up to four years. If they choose transfer, NCAA rules allow them to transfer and play right away and not have to sit out a year.

Is Florida Tech considering other reductions in sports programs?

Not at this time.

How many coaches and staff members are affected?

Eight coaches are affected.

Will Florida Tech assist current and incoming student-athletes who wish to pursue opportunities at other schools?

Yes, Florida Tech will work individually with students.

Is the economic fallout from the pandemic causing other universities to modify or eliminate athletic programs?

Yes. An indication of the depth and severity of the economic impact caused by the coronavirus, universities in Florida and around the country have announced plans to eliminate positions, freeze or reduce athletics personnel salaries, and cut entire athletic programs, all to better ensure the long-term health of their institutions as a whole. Among the schools announcing program reductions:

  • Florida International University will cut its men’s indoor track and field program
  • Old Dominion has cut its wrestling program to reduce costs amid the pandemic
  • University of Cincinnati will drop its iconic men’s soccer program, which has been in place since 1973