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Counseling And Psychological Services

Fall 2019 Student Groups: TO JOIN A GROUP, PLEASE CONTACT CAPS @ (321) 674-8050. SPACE IS LIMITED.

Mood Matters


Depression and anxiety can be difficult emotions to manage. Join us to examine your emotional experiences and enhance your mood state.  

Let’s Talk


Relationships can be challenging.  Join us to learn ways to improve your relationship skills and better “talk” to others. 

Proud To Be Me


Come to this group for support, and to support others, with LGBTQ+ concerns. Join us to discuss a variety of gender and sexual identity topics and the importance of self-acceptance and self-care.

Understanding Self & Others


Taking time to discover yourself and your connections to others is a valuable journey. Join us to explore your personal identity and to learn to enhance your interpersonal success.

Emotional Flexibility


College years can be stressful. Join us to learn ways to “flex” your mind and mood with mindful meditation, procrastination prevention, and high-tech tips for emotional wellness!

FOR MORE INFORMATION: (321) 674-8050