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Counseling And Psychological Services



The Florida Tech student counseling center promotes the best possible academic, vocational, and emotional health for students by providing a variety of high-quality mental health and wellness services to assist students in bettering their overall academic and emotional health.


Counseling and assessment services are offered to registered Florida Tech students on-site at the Melbourne campus. There are a variety of personal concerns that students may seek professional assistance and support for, such as issues with adjustment and life transition, difficulties managing stress, depression and/or anxiety concerns, bereavement or unresolved issues, lack of self-esteem and self-confidence, identity concerns, difficulties with sleep and/or eating, social and communication concerns, etc.  Counseling offers students an opportunity to better understand themselves, their level of functioning, and how they relate to the world, so to create a healthy and satisfying life. This may involve challenging self-defeating thought patterns, processing uncomfortable feelings, modifying unhealthy behaviors, and/or enhancing personal strengths and abilities.

Students may choose to engage in individual counseling, couples counseling (as long as both partners are registered students of Florida Tech), and/or group counseling. Individual and couples counseling are scheduled by appointment during operating hours at the center. Group counseling varies by semester.

Outreach & Consultation

Outreach events are offered to registered Florida Tech students on-site at the Melbourne campus. Faculty and staff are also welcome to attend. Event topics cover a wide variety of common issue college student face, such as adjusting to/back to school, stress management, alcohol/drug awareness, sexual violence, mental health awareness, relationship enhancement, eating disorders, etc. Outreach event topics vary by semester, but are generally held in the evening time, during a weekday, in a common area on campus. For more information about current outreach events, please click here.

The counseling center can also provide psycho-educational information/talks and support to classes and/or student groups/organizations on a specific issue that may not be addressed in the scheduled events or may be unique to a smaller audience. For more information about this service, please contact us at 321-674-8050.

Further, consultation services are offered to registered Florida Tech students who may have a need that may not otherwise be handled through counseling sessions (i.e. to address questions/concerns about the services offered, to seek direction on how to help a friend in need, to obtain psychoeducational information for a class, etc). For more information about this services, please contact us at 321-674-8050.

Referral Services

For Florida Tech students who may not choose to engage in services offered through the student counseling center, who may not be eligible for the center's services, and/or who may have needs that go beyond the scope of the services offered, are welcome to contact the center for a referral to a provider/agency in the community. Also, consider contacting your health insurance company and/or your local community mental health center or hospital for referrals.

Resources for Mental Health Services

Brevard 211 Helpline

Phone: dial 211 (or- 321-632-6688)  /  Website:

Mental Health America

Phone: 800-969-6642  /  Website: 

National Alliance on Mental Illness

Phone: 800-950-6264  /  Website: 

National Institute of Mental Health

Phone: 866-615-6464  /  Website:

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

Phone: 800-662-HELP (4357)  /  Website:

Faculty and Staff

Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS) serves ONLY registered students of Florida Tech. Any faculty/staff member who may be concerned about a student’s mental health or emotional well-being is welcome to contact CAPS to express their concern and seek consultation in supporting the student. Due to confidentiality laws, CAPS is not able to confirm or deny that a student has been seen by our office without written permission by the student. However, when CAPS is made aware of a concern for a student, our office generally reaches out to the student to provide information about our services and offer emotional support. CAPS is not able to require, or “mandate,” a student to be seen, but rather encourage them to seek support if they feel it could be beneficial to their overall well-being and success as a student of Florida Tech.

Faculty/Staff may also consider contacting Dean Rodney Bowers, who serves as Chair of the Student of Concern committee, to express their concerns for a student.

For faculty/staff members who may be in need of professional assistance for a mental health or emotional issue themselves, or for their family, may consider contacting Florida Tech’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP). More information about this employee benefit can be obtained by contacting Human Resources or visiting their website at:

If you are concerned about a student, faculty, and/or staff member who is under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs, has attempted bodily harm to self/others, or may otherwise be in need of IMMEDIATE medical attention, please call 911 or Campus Security at 321-674-8111.