Counseling And Psychological Services

Counseling And Psychological Services

Fall 2018 Student Groups

CAPS Groups

FALL, 2018

Location: Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS)

Building 264, (next to Holzer Heath Center)


Mood Matters

Mondays, 4-5 Pm (Beginning 9/17/18)

Depression and anxiety can be significant and distressing emotional challenges. Join us to discuss ways to challenge unhelpful thoughts and behaviors so you can reduce negative emotions and discover how to shift your mood states.  


Let’s Talk

Tuesdays, 11 am- 12 pm (beginning 9/18/18)

Relationships are challenging! If you would like to strengthen your connections with friends, roommates, family members and/or significant others, join us to learn effective communication skills, assertive techniques and conflict management to improve your relationships. 


Wellness Wednesdays

Wednesdays, 11 am – 12 pm (beginning 9/19/18)

College is stressful! If you would like to learn ways to better manage stress, time and emotions to improve your overall personal and academic success, join us! Learn mindful meditation, procrastination prevention, and high-tech tips for emotional wellness!


Understanding Self & Others

Thursdays, 4 -5 pm (beginning 9/20/18)

Experience personal growth through connecting with others. You will learn how your role in relationships (family, peer and other groups) can affect your emotional health. Join us to learn how to challenge yourself to think, feel and behave with greater interpersonal success and satisfaction.


Conquering Confidence  

Fridays, 1-2 pm (beginning 9/21/18)

Social-Communication challenges can be difficult to manage for a variety of reasons.  If you struggle with social anxiety or social confidence, join us to learn ways to reduce social stress, improve communication skills, and discuss ways to develop friendships in a supportive, casual atmosphere.  


To join a group or for more information, please contact CAPS @ (321) 674-8050 as space is limited.