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Education Centers

International Student Information

Florida Tech welcomes and invites applications from international students and is authorized to accept international students at Orlando (FL)Virtual (Online) and at its main-campus in Melbourne, Florida. The university is unable to enroll international students at any other learning locations at this time.

International applicants for study at Florida Tech are expected to meet the same academic standards as U.S. students. However, there are additional requirements of which international students need to be aware:

Foreign Credential Evaluation

If you have any undergraduate or graduate university-level educational experience outside of the U.S., you must provide a as a supplement to your application for admission. It must address all completed coursework, in English.

English Proficiency Requirements

While not a requirement of admission to Florida Tech, proof of English Proficiency IS a requirement of enrollment. Prospective students whose first language is not English are encouraged to become familiar with the university's English Proficiency Requirements.

International Student and Scholar Services

The Office of Inernational Student and Scholar Services provides a variety of additional information and resources for international students. Visit their to find more information for current and incoming students and much more.