Commercial Enterprise in Space, M.S.

Commercial Enterprise in Space, M.S.

The Master's in Commercial Enterprise in Space

Masters in Commercial Enterprise in Space

The commercial enterprise in space master’s degree is designed for students interested in developing the skills and knowledge needed for leadership roles in space technology management, innovation, national security, international law and treaties, and human space flight.

A master’s degree in commercial enterprise in space from Florida Tech takes a multidisciplinary approach to the space- and business-related competencies that graduates develop. They can manage innovation in the commercial exploration of space, understand and respond to human spaceflight conditions, handle US national security interests, and understand and respond to international law related to space exploration and commercial development.

Space and Business Competencies Combine

The competencies covered in the commercial enterprise in space master’s degree include space systems, spaceflight human physiology, spacecraft environment, matters related to security and law in space, new venture development, leadership in technical organizations, and management of technology and innovation. While students are often already working in a diverse professional environment, the critical topics covered in this curriculum prepare them to handle new leadership responsibilities such as developing or responding to proposal requests, leading innovative product development teams, or identifying technical specifications in a commercial space application.

Collaborative Learning

Students working toward a commercial enterprise in space degree collaborate with colleagues and professors trained in a variety of disciplines. Florida Tech professors are working professionals in the field who bring real-world insight about the industry to the classroom. Students complete a one-semester team design project in lieu of an individual thesis that looks at a commercial space research problem, simulating the challenges faced by modern space and technology professionals.