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Management - Human Resources Management, M.S.

Management - Human Resources Management, M.S.

The Master's in Management - Human Resources Management

Masters in Management, Human Resources Management

The Master of Science in Management with a concentration in human resources management is designed for professionals seeking a degree that prepares them to manage individuals in an organization. The core competencies of the master’s in human resources management degree program include the development of positions within organizations, employee motivational strategies and practices, the appraisal processes for employees, and other topics related to human resources management.

The objective of this degree program and concentration is to meet the growing demand for human resources management skills and to provide a path for professionals to secure positions in any organization. There are several career paths for such individuals, including human resources manager, employment and placement manager, recruitment specialist, human resources consultant, employer relations representative, compensation specialist, job analyst, training manager, and other careers related to human resources management.