Space Systems Management, M.S.

Space Systems Management, M.S.

The Master's in Space Systems Management

Masters in Space Systems ManagementSpace systems management experts are needed to help create cost efficient and integrated technologies in space enterprises. With a master's in space systems management from Florida Tech, students train to hold a managerial positions in space systems in government or commercial space programs, engineering firms, high-tech companies or the military working with teams of engineers.

Accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, this program trains graduates to plan, design, build, integrate, test launch, operate or manage all forms of space systems, subsystems, launch vehicles, spacecraft, payload or ground systems. Florida Tech is a Military Friendly University and makes many degree programs such as this one, available at military bases or online.

Training Graduates for Government or Commercial Space Careers

The competencies covered in a master's in space systems management program include propulsion systems, power systems, spacecraft environment, astrodynamics, communications and data systems and spacecraft dynamics and control. These are the critical systems graduates can expect to be their responsibility once in the workplace. Strategic management, business development and other management topics are also part of the curriculum.

Collaborative Learning

Students in this interdisciplinary degree program collaborate with colleagues in a variety of aerospace disciplines. Florida Tech professors are working professionals in the field, as are many of the students whose combined experience provides real-world insight about the industry. Students in the master's in space systems management program complete a one-semester space mission team design project in lieu of a thesis to simulate real-world challenges faced by modern space systems professionals.

Research and Internships

Students come from diverse backgrounds and collaborate on research and project development and are often published in noted industry magazines and journals.

Career Paths

There are several career paths for individuals who earn a master's in space systems management in government or commercial space programs, engineering firms and high-tech companies. Graduates from Florida Tech are hired by private and government organizations, including Harris Corporation, Boeing, the U.S military, the European Space Agency, Federal Aviation Agency and NASA, among others.

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