Systems Management, M.S.

Systems Management, M.S.

The Master's in Systems Management

Masters in Systems ManagementSystems managers handle enterprise-wide administration of computer systems such as network management, telecommunications, data storage and other automated centralized processes. A rapidly changing business and technology environment requires organizations to attract and retain highly skilled professionals with technological and managerial expertise.

To fulfill this demand, Florida Tech’s master’s in systems management provides students with the training, knowledge and credentials they need for a competitive advantage in leadership, critical thinking, organization, communication, management and implementation of technology.

Training That’s Flexible

Working professionals can complete a master’s in systems management at one of Florida Tech’s off-site locations, virtual site or through a combination of the two. The two-year program covers critical topics including systems analysis, information systems, database management, computer systems, administration and more to develop proficiency in planning, direction and coordinating the administrative systems functions with any organization.

Variety of Learning Approaches

Students experience various learning approaches in the master’s in systems management program including lectures, class discussions, workshops, case study analysis and organizational consulting activities. Graduates study best practices in systems management as it applies to public, private and governmental industries as they develop the type of background needed to design business solutions and make technology choices.

Experienced Faculty

The systems management faculty has first-hand experience in the field of information systems and technical management, with doctorate degrees in business, organizational management, leadership, information systems and other related areas. Florida Tech professors are working professionals in the field who provide real-world insight about the industry.


Students earning a master’s in systems management have the opportunity to build hands-on, practical experience in the field by working with organizations in need of advanced systems management expertise. This team-based consulting project challenges graduates to recommend a solution for a complex, real-life problem in systems management.

Career Paths

Systems managers are employed in all sectors of the economy, with approximately 100,000 systems managers employed in private, public and government positions in the United States, according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics. Most systems managers hold professional I.T. certifications and find advanced level expertise to technology careers in manufacturing, space, research and development, engineering, healthcare, and more.

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