US Army Warrant Officer Career College

Florida Tech's Education Centers have long been a top choice for servicemembers and we are proud to count 46 military generals among our alumni, including Ann E.  Dunwoody (USA-Ret.), the first woman in U.S. history to achieve a four-star officer rank. We have partnered with the US Army Warrant Officer Career College to offer 9 Graduate Level transfer credits towards a Master’s Degree.  Florida Tech is consistently named a “Military Friendly” Institution.

Zero Out-Of-Pocket Tuition Expense for Active Duty & Veterans

Military Tuition Assistance

Active military servicemembers have access to military tuition assistance through the U.S. government to help offset a portion of their graduate tuition and fees. For full-time, active-duty servicemembers in each military branch, the military’s tuition assistance program pays up to a maximum of $250 per semester credit hour and an individual maximum of $4,000.00 per fiscal year per student.

Wisdom Warrior Program  & Yellow Ribbon Program

Students taking advantage of military tuition assistance may find their tuition 100%  covered by enrolling in the Wisdom Warrior Program. Available only to military servicemembers pursuing a master's degree at one of Florida Tech's Education Centers, the Wisdom Warrior Program reduces your tuition to $250 (from $600) per semester credit hour so that your entire cost is covered by tuition assistance.

For more information contact the education center where you wish to study or download the Wisdom Warrior Program brochure. Florida Tech offers matching grants for veterans who are eligible for Yellow Ribbon. View more information on veteran benefits, including the GI Bill, Yellow Ribbon and Spousal Benefits

Degree Programs Offered to WOCC graduates

MS – Technology Management

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With a master’s in technology management from Florida Tech, graduates combine advanced business and leadership skills with expertise in technology processes to become senior-level technology experts able to meet the challenges of a global organization in a rapidly changing world.

MS – Management

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A master’s in management from Florida Tech combines advanced business skills in accounting, organizational behavior, communications, planning and development, leadership, critical thinking, and human resources to create graduates who are ready to lead in senior-level positions. Areas of specialization include: Acquisition and contract management, Human resources management, Logistics management, Information systems management, and Transportation management.

MS – Project Management 

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Designed for professionals from diverse backgrounds seeking advanced leadership positions in the private, public, and military sectors, the master’s in project management trains students for managerial positions where they assume responsibility for improving business performance. Because project management has become a business strategy of choice, this degree program develops skills and competencies in project management and in identified concentration areas such as operations research, information systems, or other areas of interest selected by the student.

Course Articulation at Florida Tech

MGT 5070 - Special Topics in Business
MGT 5101 - Leadership Theory and Effective Management
MGT 5015 - Organizational Planning and Development