International Student Information

Florida Tech welcomes and invites applications from international students and is authorized to accept international students at the Orlando Education Center as well as its main-campus in Melbourne, Florida.

International applicants for study at Florida Tech are expected to meet the same academic standards as U.S. students. However, there are additional requirements of which international students need to be aware.

International Application Checklist

Application Fee

A nonrefundable application fee of $50 must accompany the admission application. If the application has been submitted, but not paid, click the link below for directions to complete the payment. Applications will not be reviewed until this fee is paid.

Making Payments


Only original official transcripts will be accepted. Transcripts cannot be copied or scanned and must be sent directly from the institution to Florida Tech. Transcripts must be translated into English for evaluation by Florida Tech faculty and staff.

International Bank Letter

Bank letters should be on a bank letterhead and dated within 6 months of I-20 request date.

Bank letter should include the student name, the name of the person financially responsible (if different from the student), and account total to confirm there are sufficient funds to finance tuition and living expenses.

International Financial Certificate

The International Financial Certificate can be found by clicking the link below. 

Financial Certificate for Graduate Study

The form must be signed and sealed by the bank. Include a copy of passport picture page(s), including those of any authorized dependents (if applicable).

Affidavit of Support/Sponsor Letter (If Applicable)

An Affidavit of Support is only required if a family member, other than the student’s parents, will be paying for the student’s education.

A Sponsor Letter is only required if the student is sponsored by anyone other than the student’s family members.

English Proficiency Requirements

While applicants whose home language is not English may be accepted into any degree program, these students will not be permitted to enroll in academic courses until certain English proficiency requirements are met.

eShip Arrangement via University Express Mail Service

Once all required documents are submitted, an I-20 will be issued to the student.

Students must initiate an eShip arrangement to physically receive the I-20. With eShip, students create the request and pay for the shipping, the university ships the I-20, and the carrier delivers it to the student. The I-20 is required to enter the United States.

Tuition Deposit of $300

After the admission letter has been issued, the student can log on to Panther Pass, confirm enrollment, and pay the non-refundable $300 tuition deposit.

All documents must be mailed (or emailed if applicable) to the Office of Graduate Admissions. See sidebar.