Predeparture Information

Entering the Country

Students will be admitted to the United States with a valid passport and a valid U.S. entry visa stamped in the passport by the U.S. Consulate, on the basis of a valid I-20 or DS-2019 and proof of sufficient funds.

What to Bring

Florida’s climate is warm and humid. The average temperature in January ranges from 35º Fahrenheit (1.67C) to 80º Fahrenheit (26.7C), and the average temperature in July ranges from 70º Fahrenheit (21.1C) to 95º Fahrenheit (35C). It will sometimes get colder in the winter and much hotter in the summer. A medium-weight overcoat should keep you very warm in the winter, except on very cold days when you might also need a sweater. Plan to bring gloves, a raincoat and an umbrella because the average rainfall in Melbourne is 40 inches (1,016 mm) per year. Class dress is informal.

If you take prescription medicine or wear glasses, bring a copy of your prescription along with you. Also bring copies of any medical records that are important, especially IMMUNIZATION records. All students are required to show proof of adequate immunization against childhood diseases of measles, mumps and rubella. If you do not have proof of adequate immunization against these diseases, you will be required to obtain the immunization here before you are permitted to register for classes. If you are married and joined by your family, also bring their immunization records.

Health Insurance

As there is no socialized or national system of health care in the United States and medical treatment is expensive, ALL international students are required to maintain full health insurance coverage throughout their course of study. Student health insurance is automatically billed to your student account each semester as a part of your tuition and fees, which means, you WILL be covered through Florida Tech’s student health insurance plan.

Some international students are officially sponsored by their home government or an agency which guarantees their health insurance fees as part of their contract with Florida Tech. Students in this category may be eligible to receive a WAIVER of the Florida Tech health insurance fee. Details of Florida Tech's student Health Insurance plan and information about obtaining a health insurance waiver can be found on the International Student and Scholar Services website.

Getting to Orlando, Florida

Routing your flight to Orlando International Airport is desired. Florida Tech Orlando is 30 minutes from the airport by car, and taxi cabs are available at the airport. If you arrive at Miami International Airport, you will be approximately three and a half hours south of Orlando by car. Transportation to Orlando is available via commuter flight, Greyhound bus or rental car. You may also arrange for a friend to pick you up in Miami and drive you to Orlando.