College of Engineering and Science

College of Engineering and Science

Harris Student Design Center

The Harris Student Design Center opened it's high-bay doors in November 2015. The 12,000 square foot workspace serves students from the College of Engineering and Science as they diligently work on their Capstone projects in preparation for the Northrop Grumman Student Design & Research Showcase each Spring. 

The Harris Student Design Center also hosts other student projects and competition teams, with a capacity for 135 students. The design center is conveniently located adjacent to the Machine Shop. 

High Bay features:

  • Workstations with space for project lay out and construction, storage, and tools.
  • Flexible welding area with 'tig' and 'mig' welding, equipped with directional specific ventilation
  • Overhead crane to 2 tonnes for large project handling
  • Paint spray booth, featuring high flow ventilation and breathing air for one operator
  • 2 Large Format Laser Cutter
  • 4 Independent Axes - Hotwire CNC
  • CNC Plasma Cutter
  • Proto-MAX WaterJet
  • High Voltage Workbench
  • Electronics Assembly and Soldering
  • Electronic Prototyping Room
  • Tormach 440 CNC Machine
  • Computer Aided Design Room
  • FORM 2 SLA Printer
  • Direct to Fabric Printer
  • Large format poster printer
  • Ideation Room: brainstorming and sharing space for project teams. Room lined with whiteboard walls, features a MondoPad and computer facilities with various design software offerings.



Come to Learn About Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing!

Ideation Room/ Harris Student Design Center

Sep 21st, 2018 (Friday) : 2-4 pm

The purpose of this class seminar is to provide technical workshops for students. You will be able to take advantage of the resources available at the HSDC and Makerspace, utilizing the equipment in a safe but efficient manner.

GD&T is an international language used on drawings to accurately describe a part.The language consists of a well-defined set of symbols, rules, definitions, and conventions that can be used to describe the size, form, orientation, and location tolerances of part features.

Here is the link to the class registration form can be found here .

*Students who want to work in the HSDC and Makerspace should complete "Hand and Power Tools –Electric” which can be found at