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Electronic Support Lab

Chipkit32 Uno

chipKIT Development Platform: Inspired by Arduino™


The chipKIT development platform is an open-source hardware and software solution intended for beginners and users with little or no knowledge of embedded controllers wanting to explore embedded applications.

Tutorial kits are available for checkout to any Florida Tech student or faculty member at the electronic support lab free of charge. These starter kits include everything necessary to learn the basics of the Chipkit32 and include sensors, servos, shields and more all combined with an easy, self paced online tutorial to make the Chipkit32i simple to understand and integrate into your next project.

The chipKIT environment advances the art of open-source, physical computing by expanding support to more chip platforms and introducing new, high-performance libraries. It combines low-cost hardware with free software that is fast, powerful, and extendable.

Inspired by Arduino™, chipKIT controller boards and software tools are easy to use by beginners of any age and specialists in any field.

These boards and tools are compatible with the standards established for the hobbyist community and also offer a clear migration path to professional-grade tools for experienced engineers. Click here to have a look at the contributions from chipKIT users and developers.

Hardware Compatibility with Arduino

The chipKIT boards were designed to be form factor compatible with existing Arduino™ boards. The pin-out has been designed to match the modeled board as closely as possible.

The PIC32 MCUs populating the chipKIT boards are 3.3V devices, meaning that as long as the shield can operate at this voltage level, chances are you can run it on the chipKIT board. Keep in mind that all pins on the chipKIT boards are 5V tolerant.

For additional tips and information concerning using 3.3V devices in a 5V world, please see the Microchip 3V Tips ‘n Tricks Document. Users should always check a board and/or shield manufacturer’s documentation and specifications to determine compatibility before purchasing the product. If you have any questions or doubts, contact the manufacturer for the particular chipKIT board you are using.

Software Compatibility

Great efforts have been taken to port existing Arduino™ 0022 core functions and libraries to work on the chipKIT Platform.

This means any sketches and application examples making use of these core functions and libraries should be interchangeable between your Arduino™ and compatible chipKIT board.

To check out an Arduino tutorial kit, drop by the Electronic Support Lab in Olin Engineering Suite 108!