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Portable Measurement and Instrumentation Device


Designed for hands-on experimentation outside the lab, NI myDAQ combines portability with a comprehensive set of instruments. When combined with NI LabVIEW and Multisim software, gives students the power to prototype systems and analyze circuits outside the lecture and lab, as well as analog circuits, sensors, and signals and systems courses.

For control, NI myDAQ features eight commonly used plug-and-play computer-based lab instruments based on LabVIEW including a digital multimeter (DMM), oscilloscope, and function generator. Students can access all the ready-to-run software instruments to perform experiments and exercises with the Bode analyzer, arbitrary waveform generator, dynamic signal analyzer (fast Fourier transform), digital input, and digital output.

The platform includes a data acquisition engine that students can use to measure two differential analog input and analog output channels (200 kS/s, 16 bits, ±10 V). The eight digital input and digital output lines (3.3 V TTL-compatible) help students interface both low voltage TTL (LVTTL) and 5 V TTL digital circuits. NI myDAQ supplies enough power for simple circuits and sensors with +5 V, +15 V, and -15 V power supply outputs (up to 500 mW of power). The isolated 60 V DMM can measure both AC and DC voltage and current as well as resistance, diode voltage, and continuity.

Tutorial kits are available for checkout to any student or teacher at the electronic support lab free of charge. These starter kits include all shields made for the myDAQ including everything necessary to learn the basics of the MyDAQ Platform and include sensors, servos, shields and more all combined with an easy, self paced online tutorial.

To check out a tutorial kit, simply drop by the MakerSpace in Olin Engineering Room 102