Public Science Lecture Series

Hosted by Aerospace, Physics and Space Sciences, the Public Lecture Series is an evening lecture on a topic of general interest in science. This year the lectures will be virtual and livestreamed on our YouTube channel.

In lieu of the telescopes "hor d'oeuvres" that follow our public talks, the Student Astronomical Society, Students for the Exploration and Development of Space and the Astrobiological Research and Education Society have put together a virtual space where you can learn more and interact live with club members. This more informal setting but allows for more interaction. Please join us here after the talk at the for this interactive virtual experience.



Lectures are typically held 4th Friday of each month during the academic year starting at 8pm ET. 

Spring 2021

January 22nd, Prof. J.J. Eldridge, University of Auckland

Why we need exploding binary stars for life



February 26th, Prof. Adrienne Dove, University of Central Florida

Exploring Dusty, Rocky Planetary Surfaces


March 26th, Dr. Ryan B. Anderson (US Geological Survey)

Welcome to Jezero!

April 23rd, Prof. Carol Paty (U. Oregon)



Fall 2020

August 28th, Prof. Jean Carlos Perez, Florida Institute of Technology

Parker Solar Probe: Humanity's First Mission To Visit The Sun


September 25th, Dr. Penelope J. Boston, NASA Ames Research Center

Astrobiology: Under Our Feet and Out to the Stars

In honor of the International Observe the Moon day on September 26, please check out this Virtual Reality tour of the moons of September.


October 23th, Prof. Catherine Espaillat, Boston University

Baby planets and their nurseries