Biological Sciences Research

The biological sciences focus on the study of living organisms, especially the chemical and physical processes supporting life itself, coupled with the interactions of living organisms and their environment. At Florida Tech, the biological sciences programs comprise a diverse and interactive group of scientists and students whose work spans the entire breadth of biology. Biological sciences faculty number approximately 10 and the student body includes 30 graduate students (doctoral & master's degree-seeking) as well as approximately 140 undergraduates.

The biology programs are housed in the F.W. Olin Life Sciences Building (LSB). LSB contains eight teaching labs, 12 modern research labs, a 16-workstation computer facility, and an electron microscopy suite. The building also includes animal care facilities for housing small mammals and reptiles and a temperature-controlled 800 sq. ft greenhouse. As part of the BCES department, the biological sciences program offers state-of the-art teaching facilities including a multimedia auditorium and classroom.