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Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering Employment

By design, chemical engineers are prepared for a variety of careers and opportunities. Chemical engineers:

  • have the technical and economic background necessary to carry out studies on the design and economic feasibility of new chemical plants.
  • are hired to help industry comply with the increasing number of EPA regulations for the protection of the environment.
  • develop artificial intelligence systems to control processes such as the operation of chemical plants or rocket launches.
  • cooperate with medical doctors and biomedical engineers in projects such as the design and development of artificial organs and other medical devices.
  • carry out processes such as plasma etching of silicon wafers used in fabricating microelectronic circuits in the manufacturing of computer microchips.
  • are responsible for the chemical vapor infiltration-manufacturing of fiber-reinforced composities, such as ceramic tiles protecting space crafts at re-entry.
  • are qualified to work in the broadest possible spectrum of industrial jobs, ranging from the oil refineries to the pharmaceutical and semiconductor industry.

For a broader list of career opportunities for chemical engineers, detailed job descriptions, and current job opportunities visit Chemical Engineers in Action, or one of the following:

Internship Resources

Internships are a great way to obtain experience in your area while making connections for future employment. During an internship you can apply your acquired knowledge to a real-life situation, while making yourself more desirable in the job market. Here are some internship resources that are popular among our students:

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