Chemistry Research

Research performed by our faculty and students results in publications, financial support, patents, and other benefits. Faculty and students share their research locally, across the United States, and around the world at conferences and workshops. A list of all of our faculty can be found at the Faculty and Staff page. The research of Florida Tech's chemistry faculty spans all major fields of chemistry, but generally falls into the following categories:

Biochemistry & Biotechnology

Biochemists work at the interface between chemistry and biology to understand life at the molecular level.  They use this knowledge to develop new biotechnology that increases our quality of life and is essential to medical care. Graduates go on to work in pharmaceutical, biotechnology research, and medical device industries such as Bristol Meyers Squibb, Merck, Pfizer, and Roche Diagnostics.

Chemical Energy & Catalysis

Energy is one of the biggest challenges facing human kind.  Population growth and climate change make it essential that large-scale carbon-neutral sources of energy be developed and deployed on a massive scale.  Chemists are leading the way in developing alternative fuels (chemical energy) and mechanism of converting energy in ways that will drive society in the future. Graduates go on to work in the chemical energy and commodity industry where there is a need for developing new sources of energy, increasing energy efficiency and green methods of synthesis. 

Environmental Chemistry

Chemists play a central role environmental research and help to develop an understanding of the complex nature of terrestrial and marine chemistry and the essential link between humans and their environment.  Working with engineers and marine scientists, this fundamental knowledge drives how we respond to a changing climate and how we reduce the impact of a growing global population on the environment. Graduates go on to work for government agencies, mining and energy companies as well as in academia. 

Materials & Nanotechnology

Materials chemists invent high performance materials and composites that are key to the development of new technologies ranging from electronics to energy storage and conversion.  Through understanding molecular forces and how electrons move at the nanoscale, researchers are creating the next generation of materials for the high-tech industry. Graduates go on to work in electronics, aerospace, defense and commodity chemical companies.

Medicinal & Synthetic Chemistry

Pharmaceuticals, including vaccines and antiviral, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory drugs, are essential for prolonging and increasing the quality of life. Bioorganic, synthetic, and medicinal chemistry research drives drug discovery to advance medicine and plays a central role in developing solutions to illnesses ranging from cardiovascular to Alzheimer’s disease. Graduates go on to professional degree programs in medicine and pharmacy or transition into the pharmaceutical industry.