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Chemistry Seminars, News, and Events

Fall 2020 Virtual Seminar Series

As learning moves online, so our research seminars!

The chemistry program's virtual seminar meets via Zoom on Thursdays for the dates and times listed below. The meeting ID will be announced before each session. All faculty, students, and staff are highly encouraged to participate in this great event!

Date and TimeSpeaker

August 20

5.00 PM

Dr. Nasri Nesnas

Professor, Chemistry Program, FIT

PhD Program and Guidlines

August 27

5.00 PM

Dr. Adrian Roitberg 


Department of Chemistry, University of Florida 

September 10

5.00 PM

Dr. Jessica Beekman

Research Chemist

US Food and Drug Adminstration

September 17

5.00 PM

Dr. Sara Walker

Assistant Professor

Arizona State University 

October 1

5. 00 PM

Dr. Stephanie Cologna

Assistant Professor

University of Illinois-Chicago 

October 15

5. 00 PM

Dr. Brandon Ruotolo


University of Michigan


October 22

5. 00 PM

Dr. Frieder Jaekle


Rutgers University 

October 29

11. 00 AM

Dr. Mario Thevis


German Sport University Cologn


November 5

5. 00 PM

Dr. Jason Benedict

Associate Professor

University of Buffalo

FIT/UCF ACS Student Chapter Joint Seminar Series 

November 12

5. 00 PM

Dr. Thersa Evans-Nguyen

Assistant Professor

University of South Florida 

December 03

5. 00 PM

Dr. Jennifer Stockdill

Associate Professor

Wayne State University 

Summer Virtual Seminar Series

The Chemistry program is hosting a virtual seminar series on Thursdays for the dates and times listed below on Zoom. The meeting ID will be announced prior to each session. This seminar series will bring top researchers across the globe, and we believe this is an excellent opportunity to maintain the continued sharing of research and academic ideas during this unprecedented situation. All faculty, students, and staff are highly encouraged to participate! 

Date and TimeSpeaker

May 14

5.00 PM


Dr. Ian Webb

Assistant Professor

Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology


May 28 

5.00 PM


Dr. Steve Blanksby


School of Chemistry and Physics

Queensland University of Technology (QUT)

June 4

3.00 PM


Dr. Parastoo Hashemi

Senior Lecturer

Department of Bioengineering

Imperial College London

June 18   

5.00 PM


Dr. Matteo Cavaleri

Senior Professional Editor


June 25

5:00 PM

Dr. Titel Jurca

Assistant Professor

Department of Chemistry


July 2

5:00 PM

Dr. Richard Smith

Director of Proteome Research

Pacific Northwest National Lab, Biological Sciences Directorate


July 9

5:00 PM

Dr. Edward Duranty 

Assistant Professor

Department of Chemistry

University of South Alabama

July 16

5:00 PM

Dr. Elon Ison

Associate Professor

Department of Chemistry

North Carolina State University 

July 23

5:00 PM

Dr. Austin Jones

Georgia  Tech

July 30

5:00 PM

Dr. Thomas Linz

Assistant Professor

Department of Chemistry

Wayne State University


Research Seminars

Seminars are held on Thursdays for dates listed below at 5 pm in the Olin LIfe Sciences Building, Room 130 unless otherwise listed. Faculty, students, and the general public are welcome and all chemistry students are strongly encouraged to attend. We hope to see you there.

Seminar dates will be updated throughout the semester.

DateSpeaker and Topic
January 23

Dr. Kevin E. O'Shea, Florida International University

The Cyclodextrin-Perfluorinated Surfactant Host-Guest Complex: Fundamental Studies for Potential Environmental Remediation and Therapeutic Applications

January 24

Lenny Bernas, L3Harris Technologies

Research at L3Harris

January 30

Kyle Collins, Florida Tech

Senior Thesis: Synthesis of 2,18-dithia[3](1,8)-carbazolo[3](3,5)pyridinophane to Investigate H-Bonding

April 9

Dami Ajadi, Florida Tech

Ph.D. Seminar: Analysis of Fatty Acids in Chukchi Sea Sediments

April 16

Kristie Baker, Florida Tech

Senior Thesis: Ion Mobility-Mass Spectrometry and Ozone-Induced Cleavage of Endocyclic C=C Bonds to Separate Isomeric Prostaglandins

2019 Chemistry Conclave

Florida Institute of Technology's ACS Student Chapter recently hosted the Florida American Chemical Society 2019 Symposium for Synthetic Chemistry. This symposium is part of the Annual Florida Chemistry Conclave series. The Symposium featured keynote speaker Dr. Aaron Aponick from the University of Florida (pictured left). His seminar, StackPhos: From structural curiosity to enantioselective catalysis, followed the synthetic chemistry theme of the symposium. Students gave oral presentations of their research as well.

The event included hands-on demonstrations of outreach events performed by ACS student chapters at Florida Tech and other schools (pictured right) followed by a lab safety, seminar by Florida Tech's Dr. Joel Olson. If your ACS student chapter is interested in presenting an outreach demonstration, please email Ryan Bryant ( to reserve a lab bench or a fume hood. Students will also have the opportunity to present their current research. If you would like to present your research, please email our Chapter President, Audrey Preston ( Visit the Chemistry Conclave website and their pages on Instagram and Facebook for more information about the event.



Chemistry Alumni and Friends

Read about the latest activities and accomplishments of our faculty, students, and alumni/ae in the  2017 Panther Chemist Newsletter.

Previous editions:

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 We encourage you to join our Facebook and LinkedIn pages for the latest news about Florida Tech Chemistry and job openings for students and alumni.

Graduate Student Cummulative Exams

Cummulative exams for Chemistry graduate studentsare conducted on the following dates during the academic year. Email Dr. Norito Takenaka to select the exam's discipline (physical,  organic, biochemistry, analytical, or inorganic).

Fall 2019Spring 2020
Sept 10

Jan 21

Oct 1

Feb 18

Nov 5

Mar 24

Dec 3

Apr 14