Chemistry Seminars, News, and Events

Research Seminars

All seminars start at 5 p.m. unless noted otherwise.  Seminars are held on Thursdays for dates listed below at 5 pm in the Olin LIfe Sciences Building, Room 130 unless otherwise listed. Faculty, students, and the general public are welcome and all chemistry students are strongly encouraged to attend. We hope to see you there.

Seminar dates will be updated throughout the semester.

DateSpeaker and Topic
August 30

Dr. Joel Olson, Florida Tech

Chemical Safety Presentation

October 25

Dr. Clémence Queffélec, Université de Nantes, Laboratoire Ceisam, France 

Phosphonate-mediated immobilization of bipyridine catalysts 

November 1

Carlyn Reep, Florid Tech

Research Proposal

Tuesday, November 20

Noon, Room 276 OEC

Mohamed Hassan, Florida Tech

Original Proposal

Tuesday, November 27

2 pm, Room TBD

Dami Ajadi, Florida Tech

Original Proposal

Tuesday, December 4

Sheau Tyan Laak, Florida Tech

Original Proposal

Chemistry Alumni and Friends

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Graduate Student Cummulative Exams

Cummulative exams for Chemistry graduate studentsare conducted on the following dates during the 2018-2019 academic year. Email Dr. Norito Takenaka to select the exam's discipline (physical,  organic, biochemistry, analytical, or inorganic).

Fall 2018Spring 2019
September 4 January 22
October 2 February 19
November 6 March 19
December 4 April 16