Chemistry Seminars, News, and Events

Research Seminars

Seminars are held on Thursdays for dates listed below at 5 pm in the Olin LIfe Sciences Building, Room 130 unless otherwise listed. Faculty, students, and the general public are welcome and all chemistry students are strongly encouraged to attend. We hope to see you there.

Seminar dates will be updated throughout the semester.

Therapeutics through synthesis: Approaches toward HIV/AIDS antivirals, Parkinson’s disease metabolites and anticancer agents

DateSpeaker and Topic
January 15, 11 am in Conference Room, Crawford Tower

Prof. Stephen Higgins, Wright State University

Nanoscale Kinetics and Mapping of Reactions at Solid-Fluid Interfaces

January 17, 11 am in Hartley Room, Student Center

Dr. Donald Robinson, University of Utah

Single-Nanoparticle Electrochemistry

January 31

Ms. Magdaléna Bryksová, Centre of Region Hana for Biotechnological and Agricultural Research, Department of Chemical Biology, Palacky University, Olomouc, Czech Republic

Phytohormones - function, preparation and bioactivity

Saturday, February 9

2 pm

2019 Chemistry Conclave Keynote Speaker

Dr. Aaron Aponick, University of Florida

StackPhos: From structural curiosity to enantioselective catalysis

February 28

Mr. Pierpaolo Morgante, Florida Tech

Research Seminar: Data Science Meets Density Functional Theory: The importance of DataBases in modern Quantum Chemistry calculations

March 14

Dr. Peter Cohen, Director of Research at EK Labs

Scale up of Mechanochemical Conversion of Cellulosic Waste to Products

March 28 

Prof. Tatsushi Imahori, Tokyo University of Science

Dynamic Molecular Space for Advanced Reaction Control

Tuesday, April 9

Mr. Charitha Guruge, Florida Tech

PhD Defense: Photocleavable Endogenous and Exogenous Molecules 

Tuesday, April 9, 2 pm in Room OEC 276

Ms. Carlyn Reep, Florida Tech

PhD Original Proposal

April 11

Ms. Mozhgan Navidi, Florida Tech

PhD Defense: Synthesis of Photoactive Molecules and Silicon Containing Compounds

April 15, 4 pm in Room TBD

Mr. Brendan Swiger, Florida Tech

Senior Thesis Defense: Quantification of Extent of Silver Nanoparticle Conversions

April 16

Ms. Salomey Sasu, Florida Tech

PhD Defense: Analysis of n-Alkanes and n-Alkenes in Chukchi Sea Sediments

April 17, 8 am in Harris Engineering romm 217

Mr. Richard Adams, Florida Tech

MS Research Presentation

April 18

Mr. Rui Wang, Florida Tech

PhD Defense: TBA

April 23 in Room OEC 276

Mr. Hussam Alhamza, Florida Tech

PhD Research Proposal: Synthesis and Catalysis of Polyphenolate Stabilized Aluminum and Gallium Cationic Lewis Acid

October 17

Dr. Ralph N. Salvatore, Southeastern University

Therapeutics through synthesis: Approaches toward HIV/AIDS antivirals, Parkinson’s disease metabolites and anticancer agents 

2019 Chemistry Conclave

Florida Institute of Technology's ACS Student Chapter recently hosted the Florida American Chemical Society 2019 Symposium for Synthetic Chemistry. This symposium is part of the Annual Florida Chemistry Conclave series. The Symposium featured keynote speaker Dr. Aaron Aponick from the University of Florida (pictured left). His seminar, StackPhos: From structural curiosity to enantioselective catalysis, followed the synthetic chemistry theme of the symposium. Students gave oral presentations of thier research as well.

The event included hands-on demonstrations of outreach events performed by ACS student chapters at Florida Tech and other schools (pictured right) followed by a lab safety, seminar by Florida Tech's Dr. Joel Olson. If your ACS student chapter is interested in presenting an outreach demonstration, please email Ryan Bryant ( to reserve a lab bench or a fume hood. Students will also have the opportunity to present their current research. If you would like to present your research, please email our Chapter President, Audrey Preston ( Visit the Chemistry Conclave website and their pages on Instagram and Facebook for more information about the event.



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Graduate Student Cummulative Exams

Cummulative exams for Chemistry graduate studentsare conducted on the following dates during the 2018-2019 academic year. Email Dr. Norito Takenaka to select the exam's discipline (physical,  organic, biochemistry, analytical, or inorganic).

Fall 2018Spring 2019
September 4 January 22
October 2 February 19
November 6 March 19
December 4 April 16