Student Design & Research

Hands-on capstone projects igniting innovation and discovery

Project Based Learning Through Student Design

Each year, Florida Tech's science and engineering students showcase their scientific discoveries and technical prowess at the Northrop Grumman Engineering & Science Student Design Showcase.

For graduating seniors, the event represents years of coursework and hands-on learning experiences put to the test through project-based learning. As the central element of students’ final capstone course, Senior Design provides an engaging context for learning, an opportunity to integrate complex material and the inspiration to discover new ways of thinking and doing.

Project-based learning through student design gives students an experiential platform that not only helps them gain a substantial understanding of their field, but also helps them acquire highly sought-after workplace skills like collaboration, communication and complex problem-solving.

Project Stories

Students Create Radiation Detector for Spacecraft
Goal-crushing student design team wows judges and client, Sun Nuclear Corp.
Students Give Chronic Lymphedema Sufferers a Leg Up With New Medical Device Concept
Biomedical Engineering Students Put a New Spin on Mind Control
Lockheed Martin and U.S. Navy Seek Student Brain Trust for Lifesaving Solution
With One Million Dollars on the Line, Students Aim Their Rocket Toward the Kármán Line
Students Design Seizure Predicting Device for Epilepsy Patients
Supersonic Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Designed by Students for Flight Test Engineering

Video Spotlights

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