Road to Graduation

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Courses that count as "Advanced Electives" for CS Majors: Advanced Courses.pdf
SWE Electives: SWE Electives.pdf

Graduate Policy

Florida Tech maintains a listing of its graduate policies, available through the Office of Graduate Programs.
Graduate Policy

Students with TOEFL Hold

This is a list of the classes you may take if you have a TOEFL hold on your account.
Approved Courses for Students with TOEFL Hold (pdf)

Computer Science

Software Engineering

Information Assurance & Cybersecurity

If you enroll in CSE5501 then at the end of your internship you must submit a written report about your job and duties. Your employer must also submit an evaluation pertaining to your performance.
Final Report Guidelines
Employer Final Evaluation

Comprehensive Exam in Non-Thesis Option

The comprehensive exam is an alternative to writing a thesis if a masters student elects to. The comprehensive examination is offered about the tenth week of classes every Fall and Spring semester. Students must be in their last term as a full-time student and have a 3.0 GPA to register. If students have completed their course work, they do not need to be enrolled in classes to take the comprehensive exam.

The university publishes a checklist that you should follow when working towards completing your thesis. It specifies many of the deadlines and other requirements you must follow. They also publish a Thesis Manual & Style guide.