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Frueauff Energy Research Renovation


To all Faculty, Staff, and Students,

As some of you are aware there is an approved renovation project currently in progress for the Frueauff Energy Research Building. This short brief should help all impacted users understand the scope of the project, some of the coming changes, timeline for the construction process, and any changes in space allocation. All concerns for details of the project should be directed to me directly.

The scope of the project is the renovation and improvement of the 427FRU building. This involves several major changes to the site and parking areas, some room modifications, and a large addition to the rear of the building. More detailed points are listed below:

  • New outdoor workspace and re-arrangement of parking in the “parking loop” on the south side of the structure. Parking space quantities retained and moved in line with existing spaces,
  • New 3000sf addition to workspace 140 on the west side of the structure, specifically for the new wave tank being designed and fabricated for the wave mechanics laboratory,
  • Modification and merging of rooms 116, 117, 110, 109 to create one large Structural Mechanics Teaching Laboratory,
  • Complete roof repair and replacement for the entire building,
  • Complete LED lighting upgrade, new ceiling tiles, and new ACT grid (for select rooms),
  • And some painting, floor repairs, access control upgrades, and minor maintenance related work.
  • In addition to the changes of the structure, there will be some utility and HVAC modifications that could cause an impact to some areas of the structure. We will mitigate with temporary power back-up. As we get closer there will be several pre-construction meetings were we can inform on finalized details, construction schedules, permits and occupancy requirements, and answer questions from everyone who has one.