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Faculty Profiles

Smith, Anthony

Assistant Professor, Computer Engineering and Sciences

Educational Background

B.S. Clemson University

M.S. Webster University

M.E. University of Florida

Ph.D. University of Florida

Current Courses

High Performance Computing

Software/Hardware Integration

Professional Experience

Dr. Anthony Smith is an Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, also a Co-Director of the ICE (Information Characterization & Exploitation) Laboratory at Florida Institute of Technology. He has 14 years of system and software engineering experience, and has served as a Principal Investigator and Chief Research Scientist on various projects at Harris Corporation. Dr. Smith currently holds 15 patents in the areas of advance image and signal processing, and high performance computing. He has been recognized for outstanding achievements in research execution, publications, and innovative technology development. 


Current Research

Research Expertise and Interest:

  • Development of scientific high performance computing algorithms and applications.
  • Machine Learning
  • Cloud computing architecture and distributed parallel computing
  • Intelligent Systems
  • Data Analytics

Selected Publications

Shorter, N., Smith, O., Stark, R., Smith, P., St. Romain, R., Blask, S., “Massively Parallelized Point Spread Function Noise Filtering for Geiger Mode LiDAR”, Poster, GPU Technology Conference, 2014

Smith, O., Rahmes, M., Blue, M., Peter, A., “Path Optimization for Oil Probe”, SPIE Sensing Technology & Applications, 2014

Rahmes, M., Smith, O., Lemieux, G., Akbari, M., “A Dynamic Game Theory LiDAR Path Planning Method for First Responders”, International LiDAR Mapping Forum (ILMF), 2014

Smith, O., Stark, R., Smith, P., St Romain, R., Blask, S., “ Point Spread Function (PSF) Noise Filter Strategy for Geiger Mode LiDAR”, SPIE Defense & Security, 2013

Shorter, N., Locke, J., Smith, O., Keating, E., Smith, P., “3D Graph Segmentation for Target Detection in FOPEN LiDAR Data”, SPIE Defense & Security, 2013

Rahmes, M., Smith, O., Lemieux, G., Akbari, M., Hackett, J., “A Fast Fractal Method For 3D Point Data Compression and Void Filling”, International LiDAR Mapping Forum (ILMF), 2013

Rahmes, M., Smith, A., Yates, H., Allen, J., “Topography Preserving Non-Linear Autonomous Inpainting For Bare Earth DEM Reconstruction”, International LiDAR Mapping Forum (ILMF), 2006