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Faculty Profiles

Belanger, Thomas

Professor, Ocean Engineering and Marine Sciences

Educational Background

Ph.D. University of Florida

Professional Experience

Dr. Belanger is a member of the Water Pollution Control Federation, American Water Resources Association and the American Society of Limnology and Oceanography. Dr. Belanger has served as thesis chairman to more than 50 graduate students, and has completed numerous funded research (university and consulting) projects for various private, state and federal agencies. His teaching duties at Florida Tech include courses in limnology, water resources, climatology, environmental planning and environmental impact assessment.

Selected Publications

Belanger, T.V., H.H. Heck, M. Sohn, P.R. Sweets, M. Morris and N. Julien, 1995. Selected Sediment Analysis to Answer Lake Management Questions: A Case Study for Lake Panasoffkee, Florida. Chemistry and Ecology 2: 229-254.

Belanger, T.V. and R.M. Kirkner, 1994. Groundwater/Surfacewater Interactions in a Florida Augmentation Lake. Lake and Reservoir Mgmt. 8(2): 121-133.

Belanger, T.V. and M.E. Montgomery, 1992. Seepage Meter Errors. Limnol. Oceanography 37(8): 1787-1795.

Belanger, T.V. and E.A. Korzun, 1991. Critique of the Floating Dome Technique for Estimating Reaeration Rates. ASCE Journal of Env. Eng. 117(1): 144-155.

Belanger, T.V. and D.V. Scheidt, 1989. Effects of Nutrient Enrichment on the
Florida Everglades. Lake and Reservoir Management 5(1): 101-111.