Faculty Profiles

Faculty Profiles

Bostater, Charles

Associate Professor, Ocean Engineering and Marine Sciences

Educational Background

Ph.D. University of Delaware

Professional Experience

Director, Center for Remote Sensing and Marine Environmental Optics Laboratory

Dr. Bostater has been a member of the Remote Sensing Subcommittee and the Modeling and Monitoring Subcommittees of state and federal EPA Research and Restoration Programs for Chesapeake Bay. He has been involved with SPIE remote sensing conferences and symposiums, and ocean engineering passive optical and microwave sensors. Dr. Bostater also utilizes numerical techniques for coupling optical-biological and physical oceanography and atmospheric models in environmental toxicology and coastal aquatic systems.

Dr. Bostater teaches mathematical modeling, environmental optics
and remote sensing, hydrologic optics, remote sensing for watershed models and transport modeling, geophysical fluid dynamics, physical oceanography, dynamical oceanography, GIS.

Selected Publications

Bostater, C. and R. Santoleir (editors), 2000. Remote Sensing of the Ocean and Sea Ice 2000. Proc. SPIE 4172, 210 pp.

Bostater, C., et al, 2000. Comparing a hyperspectral Monte-Carlo approach for simulating water surface reflectance signature based upon radiative transfer theory: Simulating clear water and Caribbean Sea bottom types. SPIE
4172(33): 199-208.

Bostater, C., et al, 2000. Numerical simulation of the marine boundary layer flow over Cape Canaveral and Gulf Stream using AVHRR SST: An atmospheric sea breeze model. SPIE 4172(34): 181-190.

Bostater, C., 1998. Specific Absorption and Backscatter Coefficient Signatures in Southeastern Atlantic Coastal Waters.
SPIE 3496: 196-200.

Bostater, C. 1998. Imaging Derivative Spectroscopy for Vegetation Dysfunction Assessments. SPIE 3499: 277-285.

Bostater, C., et al., 1997. Modeling Water Surface Reflectance Signatures and In-water Irradiance Profiles in Shallow Tropical Waters Influenced by Bottom Reflectance. International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium, Suntec City, Singapore. IEEE, no. 0-7803-3836,
pp. 881-884.