Faculty Profiles

Clapp, David

Professor Emeritus
Emeritus Faculty

Educational Background

B.S. University of Colorado
M.S.E. Arizona State University
Ph.D. Arizona State University

Recognition & Awards

Professional Engineer

Project Management Professional

Professional Experience

Dr. Clapp served on active duty in the U.S. Air Force with assignments in Ohio, Mississippi and Arizona.  Following his military service,  Dr. Clapp taught industrial engineering at the University of Central Florida, Texas A&M University, University of Cincinnati . He accepted employment with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) managing projects in assessing the hazards of exposure to chemical and physical agents in the workplace. While at CDC He served in the Division of Surveillance, Health Evaluations and Field Studies in Cincinnati, Ohio, and later with the Center for Environmental Health and Injury Control in Atlanta, Georgia. Dr. Clapp is a registered professional engineer (PE) and Project Management Professional (PMP).

Selected Publications

Clapp, D.E., G.M. Piacitelli, D.D. Zaebst and E. Ward. 1991. Assessing Exposure to 4-4'-methylenebis-(2-chloroaniline) (MBOCA) in the Workplace. Applied Occupational and Environmental Hygiene 6(2).

Osorio, A.M., D.E. Clapp, E. Ward, et al. 1990. Biological Monitoring of a Worker Acutely Exposed to MBOCA. Am J. Ind. Med. 18:577-589.

Ratcliffe J.M., S.M. Schrader, K. Steenland, D.E. Clapp, T. Turner and R.W. Hornung. 1987. Semen Quality in Papaya Workers with Long Term Exposure to Ethylene Dibromide. National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, Industrywide Studies Branch, Ohio. Br J. Ind Med, May.

Clapp, D.E., C. Moseley, A. Smallwood and K. Debord. 1987. Workplace Assessment of Exposure to 2-Ethoxy-ethanol. Applied Industrial Hygiene 2(5).

Clapp, D.E. and D.D. Zaebst. 1986. Microcomputers and Dedicated Wordprocessors for Increased Productivity. Proceedings of the 8th Annual Conference on Computers and Industrial Engineering, Computers and Industrial Engineering 11(1-4).

Ward, E., D.E. Clapp, W. Tolos, D. Groth. 1986. Efficacy of Urinary Monitoring for 4,4'-Methylenebis (2-chloroaniline). J Occup Med, August.

Steenland, K., A. Carrano, J.M. Ratcliffe, D.E. Clapp, L. Ashworth, and T. Meinhardt. 1986. A Cytogenetic Study of Papaya Workers Exposed to Ethylene Dibromide. Mutat Res, June.

Steenland, K., A. Carrano, J.M. Ratcliffe, D.E. Clapp, L. Ashworth, and T. Meinhardt. 1985. Cytogenetic Studies in Humans after Short-term Exposure to Ethylene Dibromide. J Occup Med 27(10): 729732.

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