Faculty Profiles

Ahn, Junyong

Assistant Professor
Mechanical and Civil Engineering

Personal Overview

Dr. Ahn’s research interests include project delivery systems and performance evaluation, construction productivity, project risk management, and innovative construction techniques. He has ten (10) years of construction industry experience mostly in heavy construction projects such as roadway, water supply, subway, dam, etc.

Education Background

Doctor of Philosophy in Civil Engineering, University of Florida, 2008

Master of Science in Civil Engineering, University of Washington, 2002

Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, Yonsei University, 1991

Recognition & Awards

Officer of Korean-American Construction Engineering and Project Management Association. 2018-Present

Current Courses

CVE 1001 Computer Applications Lab

CON 1005 Construction Plan Reading and BIM Applications

CVE 2080 Construction Measurements

CVE 2083 Construction Measurements Lab

CON 4000 Construction Controls

CON 4003 Construction Estimating

CON 4006 Construction Equipment

Professional Experience

2016-Present, Assistant Professor, Florida Institute of Technology

2013-2016, Assistant Professor, University of Northern Iowa

2009-2011, Post Doctorate Associate, Iowa State University

2008-2009, Post-Doctoral Associate, University of Florida

2006-2007, Assistant Engineer, Applied Research Associates, Inc.

1991-1999, Project Engineer/Safety Manager/Cost Estimator, Dongbu Corporation


Selected Publications

Journal Publications:

  1. Jung, Y., Park, K., and Ahn, J. “Sustainability in Higher Education: Perceptions of Social Responsibility among University Students”, Journal of Social Sciences, 2019, 8, 90Doi:10.3390/socsci8030090 
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Conference Proceedings:

  1. Smith, T., Ahn, J., and Jung, Y. “The Use of Smart Wireless Technology for the Effective Management of Combined Sewer Overflows in Richmond, Virginia”, 2019 Associated Schools of Construction 55th Annual International Conference, April 10th-13th, Denver, CO, USA.
  2. Ahn, J., Jung, Y., Smith S., and Varzavand, S. “QR-Code Implementation to Reduce Unnecessary Procedures in Material Handling”, Construction Research Congress 2018, April 2nd-5th, New Orleans, LA, USA.
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