Faculty Profiles

Wilt, Donna

College of Aeronautics

Personal Overview

Dr. Donna Forsyth Wilt has over thirty years of experience as a pilot, educator, and researcher in the general aviation industry. She has served as a subject matter expert in general aviation flight operations, ab-initio flight training, and avionics systems. With a background in aviation, education, and engineering, Dr. Wilt has a unique combination of learning cognition, human factors, pilot, and avionics engineering and applies it to improving aviation and increasing aviation safety.


Educational Background

  • Ph.D. Science Education, Florida Institute of Technology

  • MS Electrical Engineering, Florida Institute of Technology

  • BS Electrical Engineering, University of Florida

Recognition & Awards

  • Air Transport Pilot

  • Flight Instructor-Instrument, Advanced Ground Instructor

  • Master Certified Flight Instructor

  • Link Fellow in Advanced Simulation and Training

Current Courses

  • AVS 5301 Advanced Complex Systems (Avionics)

  • AHF 5402 Situational Awareness and Decision Making

  • AVM 2401 Aviation Fiscal Management

  • She has previously taught all the ground courses for FAA pilot certificates, airport planning and design, aerodynamics, aviation safety, and air transportation management

Professional Experience

  • Twenty years as aviation professor including managing flight education program

  • Consultant as Subject Matter Expert in General Aviation Operations, flight training and Single Pilot Operations.

  • Consultant as Subject Matter Expert in Avionics and Advanced Navigation Systems

  • Currently working with FAA on Human Factor Issues related to Single Pilots operating in the NextGen Environment

  • Rockwell International/Collins Avionics: Avionics Design Engineer.

  • Flight Instructor for FIT Aviation, LLC, Jamestown Flight Center, and Langley Air Force Aero Club.

  • Harris Corporation: Analysis and Design of mobile communications systems including air mobile, satellite and hypersonic platforms. Analysis and design of Strategic Defense Communication System for US Army.

Additional Duties

  • Program Administrator for The Link Foundation Fellowship in Advanced Simulation Training
  • FAA Air Traffic - Collegiate Training Initiative Program Administrator



Current Research

  • NextGen Human Factor Issues for Single PIlots